Carports a Newly Popular Item

Are carports “cool” again? While trends in storage don’t change at the speed of fashion, certain structures have their heyday. While carports and other portable garage structures have been in use since the 1930s, the present is seeing resurgence in their use. Why now and not a decade before? Trends don’t always have an explanation, although a recent article gives some insight into their recent popularity with suburban homeowners. Mainly, as garages become more than a place to store cars and, instead, a place for lounging and activities, the cars are moved outside but they still need shelter.

As the article above explains, carports aren’t entirely replacing traditional garages in the suburbs and, instead, are more of a supplement. New homeowners in the suburbs, particularly those who have arrived from the city, see the potential the brick-and-mortar garage space offers not only for storage purposes but also as a lounge area – consider it a secondary living room – and activity or work space. The one or two cars inside end up being an impediment and, instead, are put outside. Rather than let the sun, water, and birds damage them, a carport is put over a vehicle. Additionally, those looking to move storage out of the brick-and-mortar garage may set up a separate enclosed shed, as well.

Carports, of course, are one of the most efficient structures for covering a vehicle and for storage. No matter if you use a fully metal or metal and polyethylene structure, the roof and sturdy sides keep out UV rays and moisture. Additionally, such a structure can be converted into one that gives full coverage by adding side walls and zipper doors. This way, seasonal vehicles, such as boats or RVs, will receive full protection inside, as will any other items inside the structure.