Carport Storage Bans Removed in TX

Party CanopyThe number of cities dealing with portable storage problems seems to be growing. As we discussed just last week, one town in Arizona couldn’t come to a clear decision as to what was aesthetically pleasing and what was absolutely necessary. As you know, portable storage options like carports and portable garages can be the saving grace to a homeowner who simply doesn’t have room to properly protect his/her belongings, whether inside a home or in an attached garage. Luckily for some homeowners, lawmakers seem to be easing up on the amount of restrictions in place.

For instance, The Highlander reports that the city of Marble Falls, TX, has loosened and removed a number of ordinances which stifled residents’ abilities to store anything under a portable storage structure. From the piece:

“..removed was a ban on storing anything other than cars in carports and a ban on playground equipment being placed in front yards. The revised amendments allow for the storage of items designed for outdoor use in carports and allow playgrounds and barbeque pits in front yards at all times so long as they are in working condition…”

Another major element of these changes was a new rule allowing any one setting of table and chairs to remain in front of a home indefinitely, as long as the furniture was made for outdoor use. The article says that any other types of settings can remain in front of the home for 72 hours. This change is certainly against the grain, although it should make neighborhood block parties a lot easier for residents.

Hopefully, these types of changes will be begin spreading throughout other regions that have been making the installation of portable storage and shelters difficult for homeowners. With the winter coming to the colder areas of the country, these options can be used to help protect valuable equipment and other such items.