Carport Issues with Southlake Building

A recent article details a new community center being built in Southlake, Texas. Called the Multipurpose Facility, the building is truly designed to encompass all aspects of the community. With input from members of the town, the Multipurpose Facility will have a fitness center, music concerts, and housing. Plans for a place for teens to hang out and a coffee shop also appear to be in the works. Included in this plan is also for a local business, Solara Healthcare, to move into the new building, and the business is requesting a six-car carport for their executive workers.

One of the main issues concerning this particular carport is local ordinances and the location of the building. Right now, a local ordinance specifies that all carports, according to the linked article, must be put in the back of buildings and, at the same time, must not be visible to any streets and thoroughfares. Unfortunately, the back of the building is visible to a thoroughfare and Solara doesn’t know where to put the carport, as no location around the Multipurpose Facility appears to work. The company has been attempting to make it not visible, but all results from these attempts end in a carport that is too far from the main rear entrance.

And, within this instance, lies the issue of many carport ordinances. Although the executives for Solara may not need a carport – it’s a luxury item, essentially – those with a real need for the structure to protect a vehicle get stuck in a bind. A local law tells you to put the carport behind your home to improve the front appearance of your street. But, if you live in an area like Southlake, and the back of your home faces a thoroughfare, you still can’t put the carport there. In such cases, the only option you have for protecting your vehicles is with a tarp, which isn’t nearly as effective as a portable garage or carport.