Canadian Company Producing Portable Shelters for Military

In this blog, I have talked about the number of different ways that portable shelters can be used to aid people for many reasons. There have been shipments of portable shelters to Haiti to help give people places to stay while they rebuild their homes. Portable shelters were also used in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck years ago. Fisherman use portable shelters to help stay warm during the ice fishing season. Keeping this in mind, portable shelters are also very useful for the military all over the world, who are usually dropped into areas that may not have any kind of military base.

That’s where the Weatherhaven company from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada comes in. According to the Vancouver Sun, Weatherhaven has been hired by the Canadian military to make hundreds of portable shelters for the soldiers to sleep in at night:

“Weatherhaven has been producing redeployable shelters and shelter systems for remote sites for three decades, but it’s in the past 15 years that its technology has been utilized for military purposes, especially for Canadian troops overseas. ‘We now have about 20 military customers around the world,’ Weatherhaven CEO and part-owner Ray Castelli said in an interview. “The Canadian military is about one-third [of our total overall business]. We built the Canadian base [in Kandahar] for 2,000 soldiers. We have 500 buildings there.'”

The 400 portable buildings that Weatherhaven is providing to the military over the next 4 years will be used for a myriad of different reasons – they will be used as field hospitals, gyms, sleeping quarters and a number of other settings. This is a boon for the portable shelter business, seeing as the military needs more equipment that is easily movable and simple to set up on the spur of the moment.