Benefits of a Portable Garage with a Truss Roof

portable garage with trussesIf you have an extra vehicle or some equipment but you don’t have room to store it in your garage, you can set up a portable garage in your yard to give you extra space. A portable garage is durable enough to stand up to all types of weather and can protect your vehicle or equipment year-round. Several styles of portable garages are available. One popular choice is a truss arch building.

Why You Should Consider a Portable Garage with Trusses

A truss design consists of multiple triangles. It uses fewer materials than a traditional roof. Buildings constructed with trusses are able to distribute weight to the outer walls to provide better support for the structure.

The primary advantage of truss construction is that it is quicker than other building methods. Trusses are lifted to the top of the wall, slid into position, and then rotated to an upright position.

Buildings constructed with trusses cost less to build than traditional structures. In a conventional building, it is necessary to cut rafters on-site. With truss construction, pieces are cut by the manufacturer.

Truss design allows buildings to span longer distances than other types of roof designs. A square-sided roof could shift, but a truss roof will stay in place. The trusses are stable and can support several times as much weight as a straight roof. The triangular shape allows weight on the sides to be redistributed away from the center. The weight is transferred to the outer walls, which frees up interior space.

Order a Portable Garage for Extra Storage Space

Shelters of America offers truss portable garages that are perfect for agricultural storage, industrial uses, riding arenas, and equipment storage. They have Allied Gatorshield Heat-Dipped galvanized coating to HSTMA-123 standards. They are constructed with 50-ksi square tubing and can withstand balanced or unbalanced snow loads up to 60 pounds per square foot and winds up to 110 miles per hour.

Our truss buildings are sold without end panels. However, if you would prefer to have your building completely enclosed, you can purchase ends and doors.

A portable garage with truss design can provide the extra storage space you need for your vehicle or equipment. Portable garages are easy to set up and can provide protection from all types of weather. Shelters of America sells portable garages with trusses ranging from 30 to 100 feet wide. Order a portable garage today.