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Are Portable Garages Good for Winter & Snow?

If you live in any of the states that experience winter weather and extreme snow and ice, you may be wondering if a portable garage is a good investment to make for winter storage. While these dwellings are not permanent, they do offer several benefits when it comes to storage. Choosing the correct portable garage will ensure your valuables are safe even when winter weather rolls in.  Here are some tips on portable garages for winter weather.

Be Vigilant About Clearing Snow

Just like you can’t let heavy snow sit atop your car or house for too long, you should remain vigilant about clearing heavy snow accumulations from your portable shelter. Alleviating the weight will keep it from eventually sagging or collapsing while your valuables are in it.

You can use a roof rake to easily pull away some of the snow and let it fall to the ground.

Consider an Enclosure Kit

There are options to add side panels and gable enclosures to portable garages that aren’t covered. This will keep the contents of your portable garage safe from damaging moisture or debris.

Choose a Portable Garage Designed for the Elements

There are portable garages made to handle strong winds and snow that you should keep in mind as you shop around for options. They include galvanized steel with a triple coating process so there is no metal left to rust from the elements. They also have a ratchet tight tension system and a commercial-grade cover to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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Even with the right materials, you should consider a round or barn-style portable garage since these shapes allow for the snow to roll off easily and have better roof support than other styles. Remember to also double check before a big storm to ensure that the legs are secured to the ground and that any further support from sandbags or cinder blocks are in place.

At Portable Garage Depot we offer instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits to protect your investments from the elements.