Accessories for Your Portable Storage Building

When a portable garage or carport goes up, it may need some additions. This includes various anchors to keep it stable on dirt or concrete, as well as modifications to the actual polyethylene canopy like roll-up doors and vents. In general, a canopy structure needs at least one of these devices to stay up or for all-around protection. Of course, this depends upon what you’re planning to use the structure for. If you’re simply planning to keep the structure in your backyard as a carport, then some anchors will be needed to keep the structure from tipping over, while vents and roll-up doors may be needed if the structure is used for protecting a seasonal vehicle.

Anchors for a portable storage building come in a few different varieties. A carport or portable garage may need to be placed on concrete or asphalt, and, in this case, mounting feet are needed to attach the shelter to a hard surface. But, as many yards are dirt, a shelter still may need to be secured in the ground. For this purpose, many canopy dealers carry standard and duck bill earth anchors to help you secure your structure in the ground. While both need to be driven into the ground, the latter type involves no digging or concrete and can support up to 1100 pounds.

Aside from securing a structure, other canopy shelters involve modifying a structure, especially when one is used to store seasonal vehicles. In this case, such accessories include vents and roll up doors. Most canopies do not come with a roll up door, and one needs to be installed if you want full coverage for a vehicle. Similarly, a vehicle in storage for several months at a time needs ventilation, and a plastic vent can be added to the polyethylene canopy to allow more air circulation.