Want to know more about various portable buildings? This blog for the various products on Shelters of America has all of the information about various portable buildings. Generally, a portable storage building or shelter is made of a steel frame and a polyethylene canopy, although some structures are an exception. Typically, the more popular structures in this field are portable garages and carports, as, instead of creating a brick-and-mortar garage from scratch, one of these shelters can be installed in various locations around your property – wherever a car can access the shelter. But carports and portable garages aren’t the only types of portable shelters available and structures for covering seasonal vehicles and other investments are other shelter options.

As some of the more sought-after portable buildings, carports and portable garages are designed to protect cars and other similar sized vehicles. These structures have galvanized steel frames and polyethylene canopy roofs, although some carports also have a metal roof coated with silicon. As these structures are somewhat permanent outdoor structures, all are designed to withstand the elements themselves and protect the investments underneath from any type of exposure to water and UV rays. Designs for these structures include peaked and rounded roof shapes, both of which can withstand water, wind, and snowfall.

Portable garages and carports aren’t the only shelters available, and other common structures include boat and RV covers which are designed much like portable garages but are fitted more toward the vehicles they’re designed for. In the case of an RV shelter, this often means a taller canopy. Other more specialized structures include portable greenhouses and animal shelters for farm animals or dogs. Regardless of the purpose of the structure, all of these various portable buildings are made of a steel frame and a heavy duty polyethylene canopy.

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