Abaton Creates APH80 Portable House

Abaton APH80Spanish architecture studio Abaton developed the APH80 portable home that can be transported on a trailer and set up almost anywhere.

The micro home measures nine by three meters and is just the right size for two people. The architects chose that size because the separate spaces would be recognizable and the home would have a full feeling.

The APH80 has a ventilated fa├žade with 10 centimeter thick thermal insulation. The exterior of the portable house is covered with gray cement-board panels to create a monolithic appearance. Some of the panels can be opened to reveal sliding glass doors in the front and windows on the sides. The large openings allow the building to blend into its surroundings.

The interior of the APH80 portable house is lined with Spanish fir stained white. The architects use wood throughout the structure to create a sense of calmness and also because it is hypoallergenic. The wood is sourced from regulated forests that will regrow to provide other benefits, such as carbon storage, oxygen generation, and forest habitat.

The home has a combined living room and kitchen in the center and a bedroom and bathroom on either side. The gabled roof is 3.5 meters high at its peak.

The micro homes are manufactured through numerical control. They can be manufactured in four to six weeks and assembled in just a day. The APH80 was completely designed and manufactured in Spain.

Abaton strives to create buildings that reflect its values of wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity. Most of the materials used to create the portable houses can be recycled. Abaton is currently working on simpler buildings that can be added to the APH80 to create larger and more versatile spaces.