A Galvanized Steel Frame Can Protect Your Portable Garage from Rust

portable-garage-galvanized-steel-frame-rustA portable garage can protect your car, truck, boat, or motorcycle from harsh weather in any season. Portable garages from Carport Depot are made with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames that are strong enough to stand up to harsh weather.

Galvanization Can Prevent Rust

Rust is caused by a reaction between the iron in steel and oxygen and water. Galvanization is a process in which a protective zinc coating is applied to steel to prevent it from rusting and corroding prematurely. A zinc coating makes it harder for a corrosive reaction to occur. Zinc corrodes at a very slow rate, which allows it to protect the base metal for a long period of time. A zinc oxide coating can give steel a durable and scratch-free finish.

Galvanization can fight off rust and create another layer of protection that rust must go through if the steel becomes contaminated. If galvanized steel does become corroded, the zinc layer will be damaged, but the steel will be protected. Small areas of steel that are damaged and exposed will not rust and do not need to be touched up.

If steel does not have this protection, it will gradually rust because of exposure to the elements. The amount of rust will depend on the type and severity of the environmental exposure.

Methods Used to Galvanize Steel

One method that is used to galvanize steel is hot-dipped galvanization. All of the metal surfaces are dipped and coated with molten zinc. Hot-dipped galvanization permanently bonds zinc to the metal both on the surface and within the steel itself. Other methods can also be used, including continuous sheet galvanizing, painting or spraying on the zinc, and electroplating.

Galvanized steel offers several other advantages. It costs less than stainless steel and requires less maintenance, which reduces long-term costs. It has a long life expectancy and offers reliable performance. Galvanized steel offers excellent resistance to mechanical damage and can protect small exposed areas of steel. No other type of steel coating can provide the same level of protection.

Order a Portable Garage with a Galvanized Steel Frame from Carport Depot

A portable garage with a galvanized steel frame can be the solution you need to protect your vehicle from harsh weather. A galvanized steel frame will be protected from rust that could be caused by exposure to rain and snow. Order a portable garage from Carport Depot today.