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4 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage for Fall

Can you believe we’re already halfway through July? Before we know it, it’ll be pumpkin spice and bonfire season again and for many of us, a new cold season will begin. Right now, if you walk into any retail location you’ll likely find aisles lined with pumpkins and maybe even some holiday trinkets.

While it may seem too early to be thinking about the winter seasons, it’s not too early to be prepared. Even if you don’t care about swapping out your front door wreath, you might want to consider how you protect your summer vehicles over theses season. You know that classic car you love driving around right now? Or that four-wheeler you’ve been taking out on adventures.

Come cold season you’ll be wishing you had somewhere safe to store it. A portable garage offers the perfect option here are 4 reasons to pick one up while it’s still early.

1.      Dependable Protection

Depending on where on the map you’re located, you may be faced with unique challenges as far as weather and outdoor conditions come these later months in the year. From hurricanes to snow storms, blizzard and worse, there is a chance that any cars or other valuable property kept outdoors will be put at risk. Cold temps and the weight of heavy snows can all become an issue. A portable garage will shelter your valuable by providing a sturdy cover that withstands weight and winds.

2.      Shelter from the Elements

Speaking of bad weather. Did you know that the sun’s rays are so damaging they can cause cosmetic as well as mechanical issues, even when it’s not hot out? Then there’s also the issue with flying debris like branches in tornado and hurricane weather or dangerous ice and hail that can happen in the winter. All of these can shatter windows and dent cars. Protect your precious items with a portable garage made of galvanized steel and durable layered Polyethylene covers.

3.      Cost Effective

The fact that you can take down and store a portable shelter isn’t the only perk it offers. The dwelling is also far more cost efficient because you don’t have to break ground and lay concrete to have a permanent structure added on your property.

4.      Easy Maintenance

Wear and tear over time and extreme conditions may cause your portable garage cover to tear. Getting a replacement cover is easy and you can have a functioning storage area in no time.

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