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3 Tips to Get Your Portable Garage Organized Before Fall

New seasons represent weather changes for many. Depending on where you live, the end of summer means colder temps, adverse weather conditions and protecting your valuables from the elements is a must. The change from summer to fall is a move from cruising around on your motorcycle, in your classic car, boat or your RV and storing those items until next year.

Portable garages make terrific additions to your property for this purpose of safe storage. They shield your valuables from damaging wind, ice and more and help you preserve them until you can use them again.

Before your toys into the portable garage for safekeeping, it’s a good idea to clean and clear the space for optimal storage conditions. Here are 3 tips to get your carport organized before fall.

Make Ample Time

If you’re someone who waits until the last minute to get things done and works well under pressure, this isn’t the time to use those skills. You want to set aside ample time to get your portable garage situation cleaned up and ready for winter storage. Starting now, a few months in advance of those weather conditions makes the most sense.

Clear Clutter

The first thing you should do before stuffing any more things into the already crowded storage space is to clean it up. Clear the clutter, discard what is no longer needed or used and spend some time raking, leaf blowing and getting rid of loose dirt and debris that can cause issues to the cosmetic integrity of your valuables when stored. A good rule of thumb is to create a pile for the items you’re sorting. Categorize them by “Keep”, “Toss” and “Sell/Donate” and you may even make some pocket change in the process. A clean and cleared portable garage can also be easily inspected for any rips or tear or issues with the frame that should be addressed before heavy snowfalls and bad weather come around.

Plan a Layout

With a cleared and cleaned portable garage space, you can also take the necessary time to plan a layout for the items you’ll need to store over the winter months. Getting your car, motorcycle and lawn equipment into the portable garage space isn’t a hassle when you’ve take the time to carefully plan.

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