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3 Tips to Easily Move Your Portable Garage

One of the reasons portable garages are best-sellers among homeowners is because they can easily move the shelter when it’s no longer needed. Also if the current area it’s placed at is needed for something else, the move is simple. That’s a great benefit over a permanent garage which must remain exactly where it’s built until a demolition is done.

While it isn’t as easy as just picking up the portable garage and moving it (it wouldn’t be very sturdy if it was that easy) it can be done quickly and easily with a little know-how.

Here are 3 tips to help your easily move your portable garage.

Pick the Optimal Weather

It’s pretty obvious that choosing to move your portable garage in the middle of torrential downpours is not ideal. But aside from extreme weather conditions, you should also think about the condition of the soil and the ground when deciding to move your portable garage. If the ground is frozen already, it will be hard to remove or even insert the posts into the ground. It’s best to handle this task before any harsh winter weather sets in. You may also choose to wait until warmer months roll around. With just the right temperatures and conditions, you’ll experience the least issues with moving your portable garage. That includes if you’re choosing to just slide it across the lawn to another location instead of taking it apart and re-assembling it.

Preparation is Key

As with anything, having a plan in place for moving your portable garage will ensure the task is done efficiently. If you require assistance schedule time for help in advance and be sure you have the necessary tools. If you are sliding the portable garage consider using skidders and a truck to pull it carefully to the new location. Another good tip is to bring a writing utensil and bags if you plan to disassemble it so you can clearly mark where everything goes when it’s time to build the portable garage again.

Location, Location

Just as it’s important for the temperature outside to be right, you should also consider the location of your portable garage. The optimal area will be flat land that is stable and somewhere you can secure the shelter. Some towns have zoning laws and other permits you’ll also need to be aware of so keep that in mind as you select a new location to move your portable garage to.

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