3 Tips For Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

Temperatures are dropping once again. That means it’s time to say goodbye shorts and tank-tops, and hello to pants, long sleeves and jackets. While the change is somewhat refreshing, it comes with one major drawback: we must put our boats into hibernation. To start, you should certainly check all the components we recommended in our pre-spring boating guide, Once you’re done with that, you should perform the following 3 maintenance tasks:

Change Your Oil 

If you’ve ever stored a car before, then you know how important it is for the car to have fresh oil during the duration of its isolation. While they may be much bigger, boats are no different. When water or acid gets into your oil, the engine could get corroded. Make sure to change and flush out the filter before adding the new oil.

Disconnect the Battery & Remove Drive Belts

If you leave your battery connected, it will likely drain and die over the winter. Once you disconnect it, top it off with distilled water. For good measure, charge it once a month; doing this will ensure that it’s good to go when you connect it again. 

In addition, remove your drive belts too. If you leave them connected, there’s a good chance that they will crack when you come to take the boat out again. To avoid this, loosen or remove them entirely before the boat goes into storage.

Grease The Steering Mechanism & Fill The Gas Tank

You know that sound metal doors make when they’re in desperate need of some WB 40? Don’t let that happen to your boat! Greasing the steering mechanisms will help to ensure that nothing dries out; if properly greased, you won’t experience any issues when it’s time to take the boat out again.

In addition, make sure to both fill your gas tank and add gasoline stabilizer. Now you might be thinking: why should I fill it now if I won’t be using it for the next 3 months? Well, an empty tank encourages condensation, which in turn, causes corrosion. To prevent the potentially severe damage that comes with this, do the right thing and fill up your tank. 

Last but not least….

Choose The RIght Storage Solution For Your Boat

Not everyone can afford to rent out a garage for your boat. Fortunately, Shelters of America offers many affordable pop up boat shelters and carports. Treat your boat right this winter, and order one today!