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3 Alternative Uses for Carports

Carports, the covered structures typically used to protect vehicles from the elements, are finding additional usage today beyond just storage for cars. When these shelters are portable, their convenience increases further since they can be moved around to needed locations while keeping costs low.

Today a carport can be used for equipment storage, hosting outdoor events and even offering livestock solace from the hot sun.

Here is a closer look at these alternative uses for carports.

Picnic Under a Carport

Nothing beats celebrations that happen outdoors on a nice day. Sometimes though, weather predictions can put a damper on plans. Or the beaming sun might even be too uncomfortable to sit in. This is when a carport is an excellent option for outdoor hosting. Set up your decorations and tables under the carport, add string lights, and empress your guests while keep them safe from the elements.

Added Storage Space

In addition to putting your car under the carport, you can store things like RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and more. Think outside of the box though. There are even more things you can store. Large lawn equipment, landscape materials, farm feed – the possibilities are really endless.

Livestock Solace

No one likes standing under the beaming heat of the summer sun. It can get really hot on extreme days. Your livestock shouldn’t have to suffer either. Provide them with shade during the day by using a carport to house them in the summer months. This is a much more affordable option to building another barn and better yet, you can move it to a different location when needed.

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