Modular Classrooms Get Upgrades

modular classroomModular classrooms have become a necessity for many school districts across the country. According to the Modular Building Institute, about 260,000 classrooms across the United States are in “relocatable” buildings that were partially or completely constructed in manufacturing facilities and are intended to be reused multiple times at different sites.

Portable classrooms offer several advantages. They allow school districts to deal with fluctuating enrollment quickly and cost-effectively. Since most of the construction occurs off-site, portable classrooms are easy to build. They are less expensive than traditional school buildings, and they can often be purchased with funds from operations and maintenance budgets, rather than going through the bond-approval process.

Traditional modular classrooms have limitations. They often have poor ventilation, excessive noise, uncomfortable temperatures, low levels of light, and high concentrations of formaldehyde.

Several companies have recently begun creating portable classroom buildings that address these shortcomings. The new green buildings have energy-recovery ventilators, no or very low levels of volatile organic compounds, better daylight, energy-efficient window glazing, LED lighting, and other features. Modular classrooms sometimes have structural materials exposed, which reduces materials costs and also allows teachers to explain how the buildings were constructed and how they function.

The nonprofit SEED (Sustainable Education Every Day) Collaborative has set goals to meet the criteria of the Living Building Challenge, which is administered by the International Living Future Institute and surpasses LEED requirements. A project must meet 20 difficult imperatives in order to be designated a Living Building. It must produce enough energy to meet or exceed demand for a year, and it must not use 14 prohibited substances commonly found in portable classrooms. The new portable classrooms are also designed to last longer than older versions, which were usually only intended to be used for five to 10 years. Energy-efficient features make them more expensive, but they usually pay for themselves in terms of lower energy and maintenance costs.

Choose a Portable Animal Shelter to Protect Your Pets or Livestock This Winter

animal shelterWith the recent frigid temperatures and snow plaguing much of the country, people have been struggling to keep warm. However, it is important not to forget about pets and livestock. They can also feel the effects of the cold weather, including illness, frostbite, hypothermia, or death. A portable animal shelter from Portable Garage Depot can protect your pets or livestock this winter.

Our portable kennels and run-in sheds for horses and livestock offer protection from heavy wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and cold temperatures. Our durable portable shelters are easy to assemble, lightweight enough to transport, and made to resist the elements. They come in a variety of sizes to provide shelter for one animal or many.

Portable Garage Depot’s dog kennels are made with polyethylene covers with UV-treated material, fade-blockers, and anti-fungal agents to protect your pet. They include ¾-inch life spacers, mesh wire grade steel frames, and four-point adjustable tie downs.

Our run-in sheds are perfect for horses and livestock and built with steel tubing frames, fitted covers, and a white interior for ambient lighting. There is no drilling or field cutting required to assemble our animal shelters. They are also perfect for providing protection for storing hay and animal feed.

Don’t take chances with your pet’s or livestock’s health. Protect them from the cold temperatures, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and howling winds with a portable kennel or run-in shed from Portable Garage Depot. Call or email for more information.

Collapsible, Lightweight Portable Shelter could Save Lives in Disaster Situations

Emergency Shelter

Unfortunately, the increase in natural disasters around the world has created a need for rapidly deployable emergency housing. While many portable shelter designs have been put into production in the last decade, this one may be the best one yet. In terms of being able to airdrop and quickly deploy emergency housing for large numbers of people, Peter Anthony’s design is top-notch.

Peter Anthony’s collapsible, lightweight mobile platform is a self-contained living space made from composite material. Each unit is 8’x8’x8’ and weighs less than 200 pounds. The whole thing can be folded flat and can be assembled by two people in less than 30 minutes. The simple transport trailer can be modified to carry up to four units along with off-grid support systems that tether with the shelters for extended use.

Anthony has been a professional building designer for twenty years, but with the housing market down, has moved his focus to creating portable emergency housing. “The whole thing started from my desire to get involved in supporting relief efforts with disasters throughout the world,” Anthony said. Weight was his primary design and development concern and his patent-pending lightweight composite panel system makes assembly quick and easy.

“The shelter is simple, lightweight and portable. Traditional materials and methods have historically shown significant weakness, being complex and requiring skilled labor to assemble, being extremely heavy, nearly all of them necessitate additional erection equipment and they’re costly in relation to energy consumption and transport and logistics.” – Peter Anthony

Anthony’s design is adaptable to many situations, ranging from emergency sheltering to mobile treatment stations. The applications of the portable shelter are only limited by the imagination. Its lightweight and folding design allow it to be airdropped into remote locations that are in need. Anthony is still working on the project, hoping to expand and make it better by adding a self-contained dry toilet. When it is completed, it will surely be one of the best portable emergency housing systems created to date.

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