Small Vehicle Shelters

Motorcycle ShelterSmall vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs are great fun this time of year. The nice springtime weather is the signal for many people to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. On the highways and byways, motorcycle enthusiasts take this opportunity to go sightseeing and ride their bikes to work to reduce gas consumption and enjoy the outdoors on daily commutes. People also go off-roading with dirt bikes and ATVs. When these small vehicles are not in use, it’s wise to keep them stored safely out of the elements. If you don’t have a garage available or there’s limited space in your existing garage, a small portable shelter is a great option to protect your small vehicle.

Dust and debris, bird droppings, wet weather, and more can wreak havoc on the condition, value, and performance of small vehicles. Portable shelters minimize exposure to these dangerous elements. Keeping your vehicle clean and minimizing rust will extend the life of your motorcycle or ATV.

Portable shelters are available in sizes to accommodate a number of recreational vehicles, seasonal vehicles, and equipment. To safely house one or two smaller vehicles, motorcycle shelters may range from approximately six to twelve feet wide. These smaller shelters are practical to gain valuable storage and also take up minimal property space. Give your local town authority a call to investigate any permits or zoning regulations in place, and then choose a motorcycle shelter to keep your property tidy and your small vehicles stored safely when not in use.

Protecting a Motorcycle

Many outdoor portable shelters are geared toward protecting cars and larger seasonal vehicles like boats and RVs or campers, but what about smaller vehicles? In some areas, motorcycles may be considered seasonal vehicles, as riding them in nicer weather is a better trip than taking them through the snow. But that’s not to say that motorcycles aren’t used in colder weather and rode through a foot of snow. Regardless of when you ride your motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle, it should be stored properly. If your home isn’t equipped with a brick-and-mortar garage, putting up a smaller portable storage shed, or motorcycle shelter, is one way to store and protect a motorcycle. If you already own a portable garage or carport-like shelter, the motorcycle, for everyday use, can be stored in one of these portable buildings, as well.

Seasonal vehicles, be it an RV or a motorcycle, are stored for several months at a time. While in storage, these vehicles should be protected from exposure to UV rays, as well as moisture from rain and snow. The ideal shelter for storing a motorcycle for several months is one of the smaller portable buildings. These buildings have a peaked roof or rounded roof design, with the heavy-duty canopy extending from one side to the other and over the roof. For a fully-enclosed shelter, a back and front door can be installed with kits for adding a zipper or roll-up door. Once fully enclosed, the portable shelter will protect the motorcycle from exposure to UV rays and moisture, and, with some breathability in the shelter, mildew and dry rot won’t form on the motorcycle.

When putting a motorcycle in storage for several months, the vehicle should be checked at times to see if small animals have entered the shelter. However, if you plan to use a motorcycle even in colder weather, one option is to put it under a portable garage or carport with other vehicles, such as cars, that you drive regularly.