Tips for Keeping Your Portable Garage Sturdy this Winter

Depending on where you live in the nation you may currently be dealing with some intense winter weather. If the cold season is just beginning for you, then you likely have winter precautions on the mind.

Along with cold temps and fierce winds, snow storm brings in the potential for ice, flying debris and heavy layers of precipitation – all of which can do serious damage to property.

If you own a portable garage to help you keep the valuables in your yard protected it’s important to pay attention to heavy loads and use proper skills when setting up the portable garage to ensure it can withstand winter weather.

Check out these tips for keeping your portable garage sturdy this winter.

Choose the Appropriate Style

If you live in an area that’s hit pretty severely by winter weather, it makes sense to purchase a portable garage that’s designed specifically with withstand snow rain and heavy loads.  A round or barn-style portable garage for example, is a good choice because it allows for snow to slide more easily off the roof.

Consider Materials

The fabric and materials used are also important. Don’t skimp and purchase the lowest price portable garage if you know it’s going to be doing some work in the winter. Choose a portable garage made to handle the elements so that it won’t collapse under the weight of a heavy snow storm.

Install with Winter in Mind

You might be setting your portable garage up in the summer months and not thinking about snow, but if you don’t plan to take it down and move it later on in the season, then you’ll want to think about it as you’re planning the location and method of installation. Don’t wait until the ground is frozen to try an anchor it into the ground and be sure you have the appropriate permits if required by your town.

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6 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage

Portable garages have been around for a long time. They’re a great, cost sensible alternative to building a structure for storage purposes and they can be moved, taken down and rebuilt whenever and wherever needed.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable garage but don’t have any extra cars to store or thought they were just for lawn equipment, this list will give you some additional ideas that make getting a portable garage worth it.

Keep reading to learn why!

1. Store Your Lawn Clutter

There’s no homeowner or passerby who likes to look at a messy lawn. Backyards filled with equipment, kid’s toys and stacks of stuff aren’t typically easy on the eye. To avoid annoying neighbors and to keep your valuables out of the wrong person’s sight, use a portable garage. It doesn’t have to be too big and you can still fit your leaf blower, push mower and your kid’s bikes and sports equipment in there for safe keeping.

2. Economical

One of the greatest benefits of a portable garage is that is costs significantly less than having to build a brick and mortar structure on your property. While cheaper isn’t necessarily the best tactic when buying, investing the extra savings in a quality portable garage made of galvanized steel and polyethylene cover will give you the best bang for your buck.

3. Hobby / She-Shed

She Sheds is a trending topic these days. What was once a place for men to get away for some peace of mind, portable garages are now becoming crafting spaces and places, where even women can step away from the days, stresses to unwind.

portable garage

4. Extra Cars and Toys

If you’re someone who likes toys and owns your fair share of weekend cars, bikes and boats then you need somewhere safe to keep these in the off-season so they don’t endure the harsh outdoor elements and become damaged.


5. Greenhouse/Gardening

Depending on where you live, you can invest in a portable garage for extra protection of your flowers, plants, and trees. They work great as small greenhouse kits and can even have lighting added to them as a method to aid in their growth and care.

horses canopy

6. Livestock

In addition to better management of your “things” portable garages can even help you with livestock and animals. Keep your horses and other outdoor animals and their food safe from heavy wind, rain, snow, heat, and other potentially damaging elements.

Portable Garage Depot provides everything you need to protect your valuables. From custom garage and carport frames to covers in a variety of colors and surface anchors that accommodate all applications.

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An Insider Guide to Picking the Right Portable Garage

If you need space to store one or more vehicles, tools, or livestock, but you don’t have the time or money to build a permanent structure, a portable garage is an excellent alternative. You can find many options online in a variety of sizes and materials. Here are some things to consider so you can make the right choice.

What Will You Store?

The first thing you need to think about is what you want to store in a portable garage. If you want a garage to shelter a car, truck, RV, or boat, measure the length and height of the vehicle so you can choose a large enough portable garage.

If you want to shelter two vehicles, make sure there will be enough room to park them with space for people to walk around and open the doors. Choose a portable garage with one large door or two smaller doors so you can move both vehicles in and out easily.

If you need to store landscaping tools and equipment, such as a lawnmower, rakes, and garden shears, you can go with a smaller portable garage. If you need a place to house animals, such as horses and livestock, you can put a portable garage in a pasture and leave the door open so the animals can come and go as they please to escape the sun, rain, and cold temperatures.

Where Will You Put Your Portable Garage?

Consider the size and layout of your property. You might want to buy a portable garage to store two vehicles, but if your yard isn’t big enough, or if there is no way to maneuver the vehicles in and out because of another structure in the way, it simply won’t work. You might need to choose a different size or location for a portable garage or move another structure in your yard, or you might be able to find a way to fit two smaller garages in different areas on your property.

Pay for a Quality Garage

Be sure to pick a portable garage made from durable materials. A steel frame can help the garage stand up to strong winds, and a polyethylene cover can protect whatever you store inside from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays.

Portable garages vary in price depending on several factors, such as size, height, and materials. Think of a portable garage as an investment. You are better off paying more up front to purchase a shelter that can stand up to the elements for several years than to buy a cheaper one and worry about it falling down.

Order a Portable Garage

A portable garage can keep your vehicles, tools, or animals safe. Before you buy one, think carefully about how and where you will use it and select the one that best suits your needs. Portable Garage Depot offers a wide selection of shelters in many sizes and styles that are made with quality materials. Place your order today.

4 Things You Should Know about Portable Shelters

Storing our belongings for safekeeping is something we do naturally. You want to protect it from damage or theft. What happens though, when those values are very large, or cannot be brought indoors? It’s far too costly or impossible in many cases to construct a building from scratch that will permanently reside on the residence for storage. That’s when portable shelters come in to save the day.

Here are 4 things you should know about portable shelters and why they make the ultimate choice.

1.      Protection from the Elements

First, you’ve likely spent a lot of money to acquire the valuables in your life. Whether it’s a classic car you like to show off on the weekends, an RV or even pricing farming equipment, the last thing you want to do is put it at risk out in the open where the elements can cause it to tarnish, break and even become useless.

Portable shelters offer amazing protection from the elements and quality frames and covers can withstand even the strongest of wind and weather situations.

2.      Requires Only a Small Investment

Since you’re not having to break ground, pull permits and start a whole new construction, you’re also going to be saving a ton of money by going the portable shelter route. It’s important to not find the cheapest one out there but to choose a quality, named brand shelter to protect your investment and have a solution that withstands time and delivers the protection it’s advertised to.

3.      Great for On-the-Go Convenience

We talk a lot about using portable shelters in the yard as extra garage space, but they also make for great on-the-go storage and shelter. Take a smaller size portable shelter with you camping, to large sporting events or other times when outdoor weather is going to be a giant factor in your day. They provide instant, easy access to cover and can shield you from rain, sun, and other conditions.

4.      Versatile Uses

Speaking of using your portable shelter for more than just storage, many people are using these dwellings for other reasons too. Start a greenhouse in winter, host your next outdoor party under one and set-up a picnic where guests aren’t afraid to come out because a shelter is provided.  The opportunities are endless.

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Replacement Covers: Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late!

Portable garages are great for so many reasons: They’re affordable, versatile, easy to move and they don’t require you to break ground and build a permanent structure to get protected storage.

Even with long-lasting polyethylene covers that resist tears, over time, it’s inevitable that normal wear will compromise the integrity of the cover.

Here’s why it make sense to get a replacement cover even if you don’t have a tear.

Outside of normal weathering, Mother Nature could also bring a nasty, windy storm and a branch from a tree could hypothetically come ripping through the cover.

Be prepared for these situations by buying a replacement cover in advance of any issues and storing it away for safe keeping.

It’s easy to take down an old, worn cover and simply put the new cover on in the same positioning. You’ll want to also take inventory of the frame and other parts to ensure they’re still in working order as well.

Then the only thing you have to do is keep a regular eye on your portable garage going forward to guarantee its longevity.

You can also consider a different style cover when you order a replacement. If it’s made to fit your style frame, you may want to consider a zip-up door or a cover that’s made to last longer – the options are endless.

At Portable Garage Depot, we offer a selection of replacement cover options for your dwelling. From a multitude of sizes and style selections, our goal is to help you keep your property protected. Get instant, convenient year-round storage and protection for cars, trucks, ATV, motorcycles, boats, equipment and much more.


Can You Take a Portable Shelter Camping?

Going camping is a favorite pastime for many. It’s also a great time to bond with family and friends or to just disconnect from technology and get back in touch with nature. Whatever the reason you like to go camping, it’s important to take the essentials along with you to make the trip an enjoyable one. Depending on where and how you like to camp that might include a sleeping bag, some basic food, and supplies – or even a tent.

You might be wondering if you can take a portable shelter camping too. The answer is. Yes!

Additional Cover

If you’re setting up a dedicated spot for your family to stay for a few days you might want to create a space where you can sit and eat meals. Quickly set-up a portable shelter like a canopy to cover the table and gathering area. This will offer shade during the day as well as protection from rain should inclement weather pop up while you’re camping.

While braving the wilderness is part of the experience, having somewhere to get some cover can be a great relief if rain, snow or high winds occur during your trip.

Portable, Easy Set-up

Portable shelters are also a great option to take with you while camping because they are easy to move. If you want to take it over to the river with you but bring it back for dinner, all you need is someone to give you a hand and remove the stakes and tie downs to then relocate it for your convenience throughout the camping adventure.

Shelters of America carries a large selection of canopies, shelters and portable garages and carports to meet varied needs. The instant storage buildings are durable and made of galvanized steel frames. Whether you’re looking to store farm equipment and livestock or somewhere to keep your RV when its offseason – there’s something for everyone!


How to Pick The Best Portable Garage Gift This Holiday

If you’ve been thinking about surprising your friend or family member with a portable garage this holiday season, then congratulations: you’ve settled on a gift that is very hard to top!

As it is with most gift purchases, it’s important that you select a portable garage that fits the needs of the person you want to buy it for. For example, you probably shouldn’t buy a portable shed for someone who would get more value out of a portable greenhouse. Consider all the options before you buy.

If you’re a little confused about which portable garage to get, don’t worry–we’re here to help! Here are 3 tips to help you choose a portable garage to gift to your loved one this holiday season.

1. Figure Out What They Need to Protect

Before you even start browsing, think about what it is that this person needs to house. Do they need to protect their car from the elements? Do they have a boat? An impressive collection of tools? Livestock or animals that they want to keep safe? Maybe they throw parties often. Think: do their guests need shelter from unexpected storms?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then you’re off to a good start. If your friend has a boat, then you should be looking at boat shelters. If they have amassed lots of tools, then a portable shed would be ideal. If they have goats or outside cats, then look at portable animal shelters. Get the idea? Good. Now let’s dive a little deeper.

2. Consider Size: How Much Space Do They Have?

Nobody wants to hear that their gift was returned because the recipient didn’t actually have space for it. Be strategic in your approach. If you want to keep this a secret, realize that you don’t have to keep everyone in the dark. For instance, if the gift is for your best friend, then ask their spouse, roommate, or parent to get ballpark measurements of the space you have in mind for it.

3. Be Mindful of Construction Materials

Most portable garages are composed of steel frames. As you browse and compare shelters, consider the diameter of the steel frame. Generally, the thicker the diameter, the sturdier the shelter will be; the drawback, however, is that thicker frames tend to command higher price tags, and are more difficult to transport. If you decided on a portable shed, for example, then chances are that the recipient will not need to transport it often, so it may be beneficial to opt for the more structurally sound option.

Now that you have the knowledge needed to pick the best portable garage for your friend or family member, check out what Portable Garage Depot has to offer for your holiday gift checklist!

4 Benefits To Owning A Portable Garage

If you need reliable, cost-effective storage space for your car, truck, boat, or supplies, then portable garages can be a life-saver. Why choose a portable garage over a stationary garage?

The beauty of portable garages is that you don’t necessarily have to choose between one or the other. In fact, many people benefit from having both. Why? Sometimes stationary garages and sheds are just not spacious enough.

Whether you are trying to decide between the two, or are considering a portable garage for any overflow that your stationary garage cannot house on its own, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s break down the 4 benefits offered exclusively by portable garages.

1. They’re Easy To Move & Install

They wouldn’t put the word “portable” in the name if it wasn’t true. When you plot out and build a stationary garage, it will stay in the same spot. If you decide to move a stationary garage, you would have to invest in some labor-intensive services. Even if you’re a hardened DIY advocate, moving your garage will take a lot of your own time and energy.

Conversely, portable garages are extremely easy to move and install. Don’t like where your extra furniture, car, or lawnmower is stored? No problem: just break it down and move it.

2. Versatility

What if you wanted to host a party? Making room for your guests to park while also protecting your valuables can be difficult in a pinch. With a portable garage, all you have to do is decide where it would fit best. Once you’ve settled on the right spot, then you can move it quite easily.

In addition, with this level of portability, you can offer to bring shelter with you to a friend’s house. Forget bringing a bottle of wine. Instead, bring something that everyone will appreciate, whether they realize or not.

3. No Permits Required

Since portable garages don’t need to stand on a foundation, no permits are required. This simple fact saves a lot of time and effort. With portable garages, you don’t have to worry about completing paperwork or following up with town hall; all you need is an even surface to deploy your anchor. Check with your town for any other requirements on placement and property distances.

4. Sturdy Protection

When most people see how easy it is to install and move portable garages, they often wonder if it really provides reliable protection for vehicles and valuable possessions. The answer? Yes, it does. Typically comprised of a steel frame and durable fabric, portable garages are well-equipped to withstand harsh weather conditions.  

Now that you understand the benefits of owning a portable garage, what are you waiting for? Shelters of America offers a variety of different portable garages and shelters to fit your unique needs. Experience supreme protection first-hand: shop today!

Maintaining Tropical Plants in a Portable Shelter

If you have a green thumb and have enjoyed the last few warm summer months nurturing and growing beautiful plants, then you may be starting to feel sad about having to weed and prepare those plants for the cold winter. Depending on where you live, perennials go dormant but return again next year. There are plants that cannot withstand the cold temps though.

The options you have with those is to let them eventually wilt and die and toss them at the end of the season, or you could bring them indoors or somewhere they’re protected (like a portable shelter) so they can continue to thrive and live beautifully as they have been.

If bringing a forest of outdoor plants into your home living space is out of the question, then a portable garage or a greenhouse is just the thing you need for winter gardening bliss.

Keep reading for details on how to maintain tropical plants in a portable shelter.

Research Your Location

The first thing you should do before attempting to garden over the winter is to learn more about the zone you live in and what the temperature and ground freeze means for the livelihood of plants kept outdoors. Once you have a better understanding of which crops grow best in which seasons, you can begin to seek alternatives for taking those plants inside a shelter and getting them the proper care to survive despite outdoor temps.

Choose the Right Portable Shelter

Portable shelters are great options because they offer protection from the elements, they can be moved when not in use, and you don’t need to break ground to create a permanent space. With careful planning they can even be used as a greenhouse for plants and provide sunlight, warmth and even more intricate watering systems should you have the extra funds and want to get fancy.

greenhouse plants

Tropical Plant Tips

In addition to taking tropical plants to an enclosed shelter, you should add some extra layers of security to protect the roots and keep the cold temps from burning them out. Add extra layers of mulch to the pots, fertilize and water at the right times and do your research on which areas of your property will bring in the most sunlight (a vital ingredient to healthy plant growth).

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Prepping Your Boat and Bike for Storage

With the cooler weather quickly approaching, you’ll most likely find that you don’t need your boat or bike anymore and you’ll need to place it in storage. Having a storage spot will not only help ensure that the boat or bike stays dry and warm but it’ll also give you the peace of mind until you’re ready to break the toys out once again in the spring. Here’s why a portable shelter is the best option for you and how you can prep your boat and bike for the treacherous winter conditions.

Why a portable shelter?

Unlike other storage options, portable shelters are not only moveable but they are also able to fit any shape or size of the toy, whether it be a rowboat or a fishing boat. You can also select a portable shelter made of galvanized steel which has a much longer lifespan than those made of powder coated steel if you desire. Other storage options can also be extremely expensive and will not be able to fit larger boats and toys. Portable shelters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help avoid this.

Prepping your boat

Both winter weather conditions and long periods of storage can affect your boat meaning costly repairs and a lot of maintenance in the spring. Before storing your boat in your shelter, you will want to change the oil, fill the tank with gas, and refresh the coolant system. This will help prevent the corrosion of your engine as well as help the engine parts from freezing.

You will also want to disconnect the battery. Leaving the battery in will most likely cause it to drain and die. Instead, take it out and charge it every so often so that when it’s time to start boating again, it will be fully charged and ready to go.

Prepping your motorcycle

Much like a boat and RV, a motorcycle requires some maintenance before storage to help ensure that come warmer weather, it will be in drivable condition. You will want to top of the tank, get an oil change, and remove the battery but you will also want to fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume and rotate the front tire once a week. This will help prevent flat spots.

If you’re not sure what kind of portable shelter is right for you, we have a custom quote form that allows us to get a sense of what storage shelter you need. You can also contact us at Shelters of America and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.