How to Store Your Snowmobile Over The Summer

For most parts of the country, cold weather and snow are now far behind us. That means, time to put away the winter toys and store them until next season. If you’re an adventure seeker who likes to spend your leisure time riding a snowmobile, you’ll want to store it properly so you can get back out and ride come next season.

Perhaps you have a summer toy – a motorcycle, or ATV that you’ve kept stored over the winter. If so, you can swap them out. Or this may be your first season with a toy and you may be considering your options.


A portable shelter is the perfect choice. It’s not only more affordable than renting storage space or having to build an additional garage on your property, but it can also be temporary and taken down and stored away when not in use.

Here are the necessary steps to take to store your snowmobile over the summer.

Clean Up

Before you put your winter toy away for the season, you should take care to clean and remove any dirt and debris that’s built up over the winter months. Even if it appears clean, it’s important to give it one last wash down with warm soap and water to ensure that all eroding salt is off.

You don’t just want to clean the snowmobile itself, but also the area its’ going to be stored. Make sure there is no damage to the cover on the portable shelter like rips and tears and that all particles and dust are cleaned out before you put your vehicle in for storage.

Prevent Damage

Depending what part of the country you live in, your vehicle may be tucked away for quite a few months. Over that time period there are chances that critters can get in and that ground conditions can change – both leading to damage.

Use moth balls in areas where critters may go – like under the hood. Also hoist the vehicle up off the floor. It’s advised that the springs be removed and a jack stand be put under the rear bumper with a wooden box on the front to keep tension off the suspension while it’s stored and to keep it from being damaged by changing conditions at ground level.

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Tips to Secure Portable Shelters During Windy Conditions

Portable Shelters are a terrific option when you need a quick, affordable storage solution during seasonal weather changes or for other reasons. They help protect your belonging from the elements and can be left erected for long periods of time, or easily taken down and stored away for future use.

If you plan to use your portable shelter during the winter months you may be concerned with extreme weather and the possibility of your shelter becoming damaged. However, there are things you can do to help further strengthen the support and placement of the portable garage to withstand these extreme conditions.

Here are some tips for dealing with extra windy conditions.

The Problem with Wind

While you may not think wind is as serious a threat as a snow storm or heavy rains, it is actually one of the most destructive of the natural elements. Given enough force, wind has the potential to pull trees from their roots or move houses. Even simple winds can become an issue for portable shelters if they are not secured properly.

Flying debris, shelters that tear and break, and worse, are all possible in windy conditions.

How to Secure Your Shelter

The best way to protect your shelter during strong winds is to reinforce it with additional support and ensure it is properly and tightly in place. First, if strong winds are an issue that you’ll encounter frequently, it might make sense to opt for a metal shelter or something with a bit more durability. You should also be checking your structure regularly to ensure anchors and tie-downs are in place. Things can loosen overtime and adjustments may be required. Doing so in advance of a storm or windy forecast can go a long way in keeping your shelter in place.

Another great tip is to opt for the side wall panel additions on a carport. These will enclose the space and leave less room for air to get underneath the structure and potentially lift it from the ground. It will also create a shield from any other flying debris that’s gone airborne and could strike your valuables.

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Fabric vs. Metal Carports

If having a brick-and-mortar garage is not financially or physically possible, you don’t have to keep your valuables outside facing the elements and getting damaged. Carports and portable shelters are the perfect, affordable option for storing these items. The best part, they can be moved and taken down as needed so you’re not forced to use the space forever if you don’t want to.

These structures are durable and made of galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel. Depending on your needs and how long you’ll be storing items under the carport, you can choose a fabric (polyethylene) or metal cover.

Here’s a closer look at both options.

The Pros and Cons of Fabric Carports

The great thing about polyethylene covers is they can easily be replaced if they are ever torn without having to toss the whole investment you’ve made in the shelter. They also come in a variety of color and style options and replacement covers can also be added if further protection is needed. It’s as easy as getting a full enclosure kit and adding it on.

When Metal Carports Make Sense

If the plans are to keep the carport in place protecting a car, truck, RV or equipment for a long period of time, then you may want to go with a metal carport. These are made out of galvanized steel and created specifically for long-term durability outdoors. Metal is also an environmentally friendly product that’s fully recyclable and performs well in all weather conditions. They are not susceptible to rot, fire or termites like other building materials. Options from 12- to 30-foot wide metal carports and various heights are available.

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3 Easy Tips for Winter Portable Shelters

If you live in one of the areas of the U.S. where seasonal weather changes include extremely cold temps and precipitation over the winter months, then you probably already understand how important it is to have a garage or storage area for your car and other outdoor valuables.

Snow, while pretty to look at, can do some serious damage. It’s cold, heavy, wet and can cut like glass if frozen solid. This isn’t a good mix if you have a classic car, boat, motorcycle of other costly toy sitting in your yard unused during these months.

Thankfully, portable shelters offer an affordable and temporary way to shelter your valuables from the elements over these months. Keeping this structure in good condition and keeping your items safe is key.

Here are 3 easy things you should do to maintain a portable shelter in the winter.

Check Condition

Before the harsh winter weather rolls in, be sure to check that there are no tears in the cover. Especially if you have already used it for a few seasons or have had it up for a while. Natural wear and tear or the sun can eventually cause tears. This is an easy fix with a replacement cover. You should also check for any erosion or rust on the support poles as this can lead to a collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

Secure Portable Shelter

Along with snow, the winter typically brings strong winds. To secure the legs of your portable shelter to the ground, you should have anchors that are properly screwed into the ground as well as consider the use of additional cinder blocks, sand bags or other support items to help keep the legs braced whenever excessive winds are forecasted.

Keep it Cleared

One of the very important things you’ll need to do to keep the integrity of your portable shelter over the winter months is to keep it cleared of snow and debris. Once large amounts of snow have fallen, you should head outdoors and use a roof rake or other method to clear the weight from the top of the shelter. If there is too much weight sitting atop the structure, it can cause collapses and other accidents.

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Permits, Codes & Things to Consider with Portable Shelters

If you’ve decided to opt for a portable shelter for extra storage on your property, congratulations on making the most affordable and flexible choice possible when it comes to adding storage space on your property.

While you won’t have to invest in heavy machinery to break the ground and build a permanent dwelling, you may still need to get in touch with local zoning authorities to be sure there aren’t any codes or permits required.

Size Matters

One thing that may affect whether or not you can have a portable garage or other shelter in your local area is the size. Since areas vary in their regulations it’s best to check with your local area for accurate sizes while deciding on which portable shelter you get. Once you know the size, you can start looking at other measurements like ordinances on how far you can place a portable shelter from a house, the roadway, or other property lines.

Permanent vs. Portable

Depending on who you talk to, the definitions of permanent and portable structures can be varied. While you’re probably not pouring cement to cast your portable dwelling into the ground, there may still be some who consider it a “permanent” type of dwelling on your property. Again, to get the most accurate building codes you should contact a local office for your specific needs. Typically, pop-up canopy style shelters are not considered permanent and a safe option if it will do for your project. Then you don’t have to worry about permits.

Getting a Permit for a Portable Shelter

If you’ll be purchasing a portable garage or shelter and know you’re local town requires a permit, getting one isn’t too difficult. You’ll only need to visit the local office along with the plans and measurements of the project and pay a fee for the permit.

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Create a Safe Place for Winter Horse Riding with a Portable Shelter

riding arena

If you’re lucky enough to have horses and keep them on your property, then you know how important it is to care for them and keep them safe – especially during inclement weather. Since different areas of the country experience varied seasons, there are some owners who might be considering options for housing during cold months.

Covered arenas are a great option over wood barns because they are affordable and come with the additional benefits of a portable shelter. This includes varied usage from hay storage to greenhouses and more.

Portable Shelter Construction

Typically these dwellings are constructed using galvanized or powder-coated steel for the frame and are then covered with a polyethylene cover to keep moisture and the elements out. There are many different shapes and size options, but choose one large enough, and you’ll also have room for an indoor riding for your horses too. This is vital to ensure they are getting enough exercise and removes the fear of bad weather conditions or icy and other dangerous ground conditions affecting horse trotting abilities.

petting horse

Indoor Riding Arenas

If you’re looking to step things up and host competitions, do some serious training for your horses, then the best option for an indoor riding arena would be a heavy duty truss arch building. These can withstand high winds, snow loads and can even have doors and ends added to completely enclose them.

At Carport Depot, choose from round and peak-style enclosed portable barns in various sizes to shelter any equipment, hay, crops, or animals when needed.

The equestrian arena from Carport Depot can be installed quickly and is offered in sizes up to seventy-two feet wide and thirty-two feet high.

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How to Get Rid of Yard Clutter: 3 Tips

For some homeowners, memories of their backyard as a prime space for entertaining guests and relaxing is just that – a distant memory.

There’s no use having an amazing backyard you cannot enjoy because it’s piled with stuff – some broken and some you may actually use – crowding the space. Getting rid of yard clutter is the best way to take back the enjoyment you once had with your yard.

Here are 3 tips to get rid of lawn clutter right now.

Big Clean Up

Rent a dumpster and go through what’s broken, what hasn’t been used in a long time and what you can toss, sell or donate. Once you’ve eliminated mess and unnecessary items, you’ll have space to start cleaning and seeing your grass again. Imagine that – a backyard that can actually be used for enjoyment. Maybe even a barbecue before the cold weather comes around.

Mow & Trim

backyard oasisOne of the reasons your yard might look messy is because you haven’t taken care of the grounds. If you don’t want to hire a professional to spruce up the space, roll up your sleeves and pick up leaves and sticks, clip the grass and cut back or remove any dead and overgrown plants and weeds. Consider a fresh coat of paint on fences that look tattered or power washing patio and furniture to give it new life.

Get a Portable Storage Shelter

Keeping your valuable items and extras in a safe place in your yard is the best way to stay neat and organized. The great thing about portable storage shelters is that you can pick the location, and it doesn’t have to stay there. If you need seasonal storage you can take it down at the end of the season, and if you want to change the usages from storing lawn equipment to a place to have an outdoor party, you can do that too with a portable shelter.

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Seasonal Portable Garage Storage Ideas

If you live in a state that has changing temperatures each season, then you’re already aware of the benefits of protecting your outdoor investments when they aren’t in use.

Portable garages and shelters are the perfect solution when you can’t build a brick and mortar storage area for these items. They are beneficial because they can be easily taken down when not in use and because they cost significantly less than building a permanent structure.

Here are some seasonal portable garage storage ideas to consider.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture that lets you enjoy the warm summer months eating al fresco and entertaining guests in your backyard oasis costs a pretty penny. Leaving them out in the winter months when they aren’t being used can cause damage, pose issues if wind strengths are bad enough, and can even unnecessarily shatter, fade or rip if not well cared for. In a covered dwelling you’ll be able to preserve the integrity of these items so they can be used again next season in the same condition you left them.


No matter what season we’re in, firewood should be dry in order to burn properly. Bringing large loads of wood indoors poses issues of unwelcomed critters and guests, so it is much better left outside until it’s being used. A portable garage shelter is the perfect place to store firewood to keep it dry and allow it to get seasoned for the winter. Remember to also place firewood on a rack to keep it off of the damp floor as it dries out.


If you have livestock, you’ll also need to consider a safe place to keep your animals protected from the elements. With a livestock storage shelter you’ll have somewhere safe and sturdy to keep animals when the weather outdoors is too much for them to bare. There are also structures that can be built to create an indoor riding arena for horses or storing of farm equipment.

Most portable garage structures have a canopy, a galvanized steel frame and are treated to be UV and rot resistant as well as waterproof. At Shelters of America we have instant storage shelters in a variety of colors & styles to match what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

Winter is Coming: Protect Your Outdoor Valuables

There’s nothing fun about bracing the outdoors during winter. Besides the picturesque scenery and maybe occasional ice skating adventure, facing the elements when it’s snowing, freezing and windy, is anything but pleasurable.

Those same elements that sting when they hit your skin, are taking a toll on the valuables you must leave outdoors too. Cars, boats and motorcycles left uncovered are vulnerable to rot, debris and host of other issues that winter weather can bring.

No garage? No worries.

If you want to protect your outdoor valuables from rust, moisture, animals and bugs, consider a portable garage or other form of shelter to help keep your treasured items dry and safe.

Portable garages are great for the winter because they eliminate the time spent scraping ice and snow off your car and can keep temperatures down to reduce potential damage to wiring and other mechanical parts caused by extremely cold temperatures.truck inside covered garage

Portable Options

Depending on the usage and preference, a portable shelter can come with a steel frame, a roll up door and a rounded or peaked shape, to meet varying weather situations.

There’s also an option for those looking for quick, low cost protection. Car pocket and motorcycle pocket covers are a one-size-fits-all solution for dry storage so you can have peace of mind that your investment isn’t completely left to brace winter’s heavy storms.

Shelters of America provides products for all weather storage needs. From canopies and carports to storage buildings and replacement covers. Don’t let this winter pass by without the right shelter in place.

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Should You Put a Portable Garage Close to Your House?

A portable garage is a convenient solution to your storage needs that costs much less than building a new garage. If you have decided to purchase a portable garage, you need to figure out where to put it. One important question you will need to ask yourself is how close to your house you should put your portable garage. There are several things to consider when making that decision.

How Will You Get a Vehicle in and out of the Portable Garage?

If you plan to use your portable garage to store one or more vehicles, you will need room to drive and maneuver them. Depending on the location of your house and driveway and the design of your home and the property, it might be possible to have the portable garage close to your house, or that could make things more difficult. Think about the size of the vehicle you are going to store and how much space you will need to safely and easily get it in and out of the portable garage, and then look around for anything that could get in the way.

Are There Trees Nearby?

You also need to consider the location of trees in your yard. Tree branches can fall in a storm or because of decay and can land on top of a portable garage. A fallen tree limb can tear the cover or damage the frame. Don’t put your portable garage directly under a tree if you can avoid it, especially if the tree is old and has decaying or diseased limbs.

Is the Site Level?

You need to choose a level site for your portable garage. If your house sits on a hill, that could be difficult. You might want to put your portable garage close to your house, but that simply might not be possible if the site is not level.

How Far Does a Structure Need to Be from the Property Line?

Cities and towns have rules about how far structures need to be from the property line. If you have a large lot, you will have a lot of options about where to put your portable garage. However, if you have a small piece of property or your local code is particularly strict, you may be forced to put your portable garage close to your house, even if you would rather not.

How Would the Portable Garage Look Next to Your House?

You need to consider aesthetics. Think about how your portable garage would look next to your house. Would it add to the character of the house or detract from it? If you would rather not have people see the portable garage every time they look at your house, you might want to put it in the backyard where it would be out of sight.

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Carport Depot sells portable garages in a variety of sizes and colors that can be used to store one or more vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, and other belongings. You can select the design that is right for your needs. When deciding where to set up your portable garage, take all of the above factors into consideration. If you need more outdoor storage space, order a portable garage from Carport Depot today.