3 Easy Tips for Winter Portable Shelters

If you live in one of the areas of the U.S. where seasonal weather changes include extremely cold temps and precipitation over the winter months, then you probably already understand how important it is to have a garage or storage area for your car and other outdoor valuables.

Snow, while pretty to look at, can do some serious damage. It’s cold, heavy, wet and can cut like glass if frozen solid. This isn’t a good mix if you have a classic car, boat, motorcycle of other costly toy sitting in your yard unused during these months.

Thankfully, portable shelters offer an affordable and temporary way to shelter your valuables from the elements over these months. Keeping this structure in good condition and keeping your items safe is key.

Here are 3 easy things you should do to maintain a portable shelter in the winter.

Check Condition

Before the harsh winter weather rolls in, be sure to check that there are no tears in the cover. Especially if you have already used it for a few seasons or have had it up for a while. Natural wear and tear or the sun can eventually cause tears. This is an easy fix with a replacement cover. You should also check for any erosion or rust on the support poles as this can lead to a collapse under the weight of a small amount of snow.

Secure Portable Shelter

Along with snow, the winter typically brings strong winds. To secure the legs of your portable shelter to the ground, you should have anchors that are properly screwed into the ground as well as consider the use of additional cinder blocks, sand bags or other support items to help keep the legs braced whenever excessive winds are forecasted.

Keep it Cleared

One of the very important things you’ll need to do to keep the integrity of your portable shelter over the winter months is to keep it cleared of snow and debris. Once large amounts of snow have fallen, you should head outdoors and use a roof rake or other method to clear the weight from the top of the shelter. If there is too much weight sitting atop the structure, it can cause collapses and other accidents.

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Replacing the Cover on Your Portable Garage

Portable garages are a great option to shelter a car, boat, ATV, RV – or even livestock when there are no options for a dedicated dwelling. They are also more cost effective and whenever repairs are needed, it’s as easy as ordering a replacement cover.

The frames are built of durable powder coated or galvanized steel tubing and include covers made of durable layered Polyethylene with a rip stop material for long lasting durability. However, over time the covers can become weathered or torn and will eventually need to be replaced.

Here’s how to replace the cover on your portable garage so you can continue to enjoy it’s functionality for all of your storage needs.

Remove Damaged Garage Cover

Once you have assessed the damage to the cover and ensured the rest of the frame is still in good condition, you’ll simply need to remove the damaged cover by disconnecting any attachments or tie-downs currently holding it in place and sliding the cover off of the frame. You may require a ladder or assistance depending on the size of the portable garage.

Order New Cover from Portable Garage Depot

Head over to our site and browse through the various options and sizes available to fit your portable garage, carport, or storage building. Consider additional options like a roll-up or zipper door kit to make your portable garage an enclosed shelter, or improve circulation and add a vent. Be sure to select the proper sizing and fit.

Install New Cover on Portable Garage

Using the same steps as when you removed the damaged cover from the portable garage, you’ll now add the new cover back onto the frame. Be sure to insert the cover into any poles and brackets and secure them back to the proper position. Replace any tie-downs and other fittings and you have a new, fully functional dwelling that you’ll get more years of use from.

Portable Garage Depot carries a wide selection of all-weather portable garages including building kits that provide everything you need to protect your investments from the elements. Available in a myriad of sizes, our storage buildings can accommodate anything that needs protection – both temporary or permanent- and we ship nationwide.

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3 Tips to Easily Move Your Portable Garage

One of the reasons portable garages are best-sellers among homeowners is because they can easily move the shelter when it’s no longer needed. Also if the current area it’s placed at is needed for something else, the move is simple. That’s a great benefit over a permanent garage which must remain exactly where it’s built until a demolition is done.

While it isn’t as easy as just picking up the portable garage and moving it (it wouldn’t be very sturdy if it was that easy) it can be done quickly and easily with a little know-how.

Here are 3 tips to help your easily move your portable garage.

Pick the Optimal Weather

It’s pretty obvious that choosing to move your portable garage in the middle of torrential downpours is not ideal. But aside from extreme weather conditions, you should also think about the condition of the soil and the ground when deciding to move your portable garage. If the ground is frozen already, it will be hard to remove or even insert the posts into the ground. It’s best to handle this task before any harsh winter weather sets in. You may also choose to wait until warmer months roll around. With just the right temperatures and conditions, you’ll experience the least issues with moving your portable garage. That includes if you’re choosing to just slide it across the lawn to another location instead of taking it apart and re-assembling it.

Preparation is Key

As with anything, having a plan in place for moving your portable garage will ensure the task is done efficiently. If you require assistance schedule time for help in advance and be sure you have the necessary tools. If you are sliding the portable garage consider using skidders and a truck to pull it carefully to the new location. Another good tip is to bring a writing utensil and bags if you plan to disassemble it so you can clearly mark where everything goes when it’s time to build the portable garage again.

Location, Location

Just as it’s important for the temperature outside to be right, you should also consider the location of your portable garage. The optimal area will be flat land that is stable and somewhere you can secure the shelter. Some towns have zoning laws and other permits you’ll also need to be aware of so keep that in mind as you select a new location to move your portable garage to.

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Are Portable Garages Good for Winter & Snow?

If you live in any of the states that experience winter weather and extreme snow and ice, you may be wondering if a portable garage is a good investment to make for winter storage. While these dwellings are not permanent, they do offer several benefits when it comes to storage. Choosing the correct portable garage will ensure your valuables are safe even when winter weather rolls in.  Here are some tips on portable garages for winter weather.

Be Vigilant About Clearing Snow

Just like you can’t let heavy snow sit atop your car or house for too long, you should remain vigilant about clearing heavy snow accumulations from your portable shelter. Alleviating the weight will keep it from eventually sagging or collapsing while your valuables are in it.

You can use a roof rake to easily pull away some of the snow and let it fall to the ground.

Consider an Enclosure Kit

There are options to add side panels and gable enclosures to portable garages that aren’t covered. This will keep the contents of your portable garage safe from damaging moisture or debris.

Choose a Portable Garage Designed for the Elements

There are portable garages made to handle strong winds and snow that you should keep in mind as you shop around for options. They include galvanized steel with a triple coating process so there is no metal left to rust from the elements. They also have a ratchet tight tension system and a commercial-grade cover to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

rv in snow

Even with the right materials, you should consider a round or barn-style portable garage since these shapes allow for the snow to roll off easily and have better roof support than other styles. Remember to also double check before a big storm to ensure that the legs are secured to the ground and that any further support from sandbags or cinder blocks are in place.

At Portable Garage Depot we offer instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits to protect your investments from the elements.

How Take Down and Store Your Portable Garage in Off-season

One of the most amazing benefits of a portable garage is that you don’t have to keep it up if you’re not using it. As opposed to a permanent dwelling, this makes it possible to regain space for other needs or move the shelter to a new location if needed.

Portable Storage Options

Some people set up portable garages solely for the purpose of storing a car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle during the winter. If you don’t have a garage or there is no room for you to store these items in your current space, a portable garage is the perfect option to keep our valuables safe from the elements and so they’ll be ready to run again once the weather is better.

While there are things you can do with your portable garage when it’s not in use for its main purpose – like host outdoor events under a covered shelter and not worry over rain, or use it as a green house and storage for gardening equipment, some people would rather just reclaim their yards, and that’s fine too.

Taking Down a Portable Garage

Taking down a portable garage is as easy as putting it up. You simply just take it apart and rebuild it in a new location, or store all the necessary items together in one location for easy access when you’ll need it again.

Pulling out support posts, anchor systems, disassembling the frame, carefully rolling up covers for storage is all that’s needed.

Portable Garage Depot offers instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits. In addition to our portable garages we also carry a wide variety of affordable easy-up outdoor canopies and backyard party tents that can be used for backyard parties, picnics, barbecues, and flea market tents, and so much more.  Contact us for a custom quote or to learn more.

Stop Ruining Your Valuables, Get a Portable Garage

Keeping the items we enjoy in good condition is a pretty standard move. After all, what good is that boat you like to take out onto the water and show off on summer afternoons if it’s tattered looking or the interior mechanics aren’t working properly because it spent an entire winter bracing the elements and sitting in your backyard? Same goes for your car, motorcycle and other things that could potentially take a beating without some kind of protection from wind, snow, sun and other factors.

Portable garages take the financial burden off your shoulders by offering a safe and easy way to store things in your yard without having to call a contractor over or break ground and build a permanent structure.

Portable garages are also a great option if you’re looking for a dwelling that can serve multiple purposes like extra space for gardening in seasons when you’re not storing things, or a place to host an outdoor part. Alternatively, it can also can be taken down and tucked away when not in use and make the rest of your property available to you again for other uses.

Buying options or potable garages include full or partial coverage, vents and other choices, depending on what will be stored. Either way you’ll want to be sure the portable garage comes with a heavy duty steel frame and tear resistant polyethylene material for a cover. This will prolong the life and use of the dwelling for many seasons. Even if natural wear and tear happen over time, the covers can also easily be changed so you can continue to use the portable garage.

At Portable Garage Depot, you can find garage and carport products available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything that needs protection – temporary or permanent and products ship nationwide.

Should You Put a Portable Garage Close to Your House?

A portable garage is a convenient solution to your storage needs that costs much less than building a new garage. If you have decided to purchase a portable garage, you need to figure out where to put it. One important question you will need to ask yourself is how close to your house you should put your portable garage. There are several things to consider when making that decision.

How Will You Get a Vehicle in and out of the Portable Garage?

If you plan to use your portable garage to store one or more vehicles, you will need room to drive and maneuver them. Depending on the location of your house and driveway and the design of your home and the property, it might be possible to have the portable garage close to your house, or that could make things more difficult. Think about the size of the vehicle you are going to store and how much space you will need to safely and easily get it in and out of the portable garage, and then look around for anything that could get in the way.

Are There Trees Nearby?

You also need to consider the location of trees in your yard. Tree branches can fall in a storm or because of decay and can land on top of a portable garage. A fallen tree limb can tear the cover or damage the frame. Don’t put your portable garage directly under a tree if you can avoid it, especially if the tree is old and has decaying or diseased limbs.

Is the Site Level?

You need to choose a level site for your portable garage. If your house sits on a hill, that could be difficult. You might want to put your portable garage close to your house, but that simply might not be possible if the site is not level.

How Far Does a Structure Need to Be from the Property Line?

Cities and towns have rules about how far structures need to be from the property line. If you have a large lot, you will have a lot of options about where to put your portable garage. However, if you have a small piece of property or your local code is particularly strict, you may be forced to put your portable garage close to your house, even if you would rather not.

How Would the Portable Garage Look Next to Your House?

You need to consider aesthetics. Think about how your portable garage would look next to your house. Would it add to the character of the house or detract from it? If you would rather not have people see the portable garage every time they look at your house, you might want to put it in the backyard where it would be out of sight.

Order a Portable Garage from Carport Depot

Carport Depot sells portable garages in a variety of sizes and colors that can be used to store one or more vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, and other belongings. You can select the design that is right for your needs. When deciding where to set up your portable garage, take all of the above factors into consideration. If you need more outdoor storage space, order a portable garage from Carport Depot today.

Why a Portable Garage Is a Good Option If You Plan to Move in the Future

Many families have more than one vehicle and do not have enough space for all of them in a garage. Some houses do not have a garage at all. If you don’t have enough space to store all of your vehicles and protect them from the elements, you may be thinking about building a new garage or expanding the size of your existing garage space.

Why You Should Buy a Portable Garage Instead of Building a Garage If You Plan to Move

Building a new garage or an addition is a significant financial investment. It may make sense if you are planning to stay in your home for a long time, but you may have reservations if you think you might move in the next few years. You may be reluctant to spend thousands of dollars on a new garage or addition and worry that you might not recoup the money when you sell your house.

There is another option you may not have considered. You can buy a portable garage and set it up in your yard so you will have enough space to store all of your vehicles and keep them protected from rain, snow, and the sun.

Buying a portable garage makes more financial sense than building a new garage or addition if you are planning to move in the near future. You can save thousands of dollars and will not have to worry about whether or not you will get your money back when you sell the house. That can give you peace of mind.

You Can Take the Portable Garage with You When You Move

There is another advantage to buying a portable garage instead of building a new garage. When you move, you can take the portable garage down, pack it up, and take it with you. If your new home does not have a garage, you won’t need to worry because you will have instant shelter for your vehicles. If your new house does have a garage, you can use the portable garage for extra storage space for your lawn mower and gardening tools.

Where to Order a Portable Garage

Shelters of America sells portable garages in a variety of sizes and designs to store one or more vehicles. A portable garage is an affordable and practical alternative to building a new garage. If you are planning to move in the near future and do not want to spend thousands of dollars to build a garage, a portable garage is the solution. Order a portable storage building from Shelters of America today.

Why You Should Store Your Boat on Land This Winter

Summer is coming to an end, and winter will be here soon. If you enjoyed spending time outdoors on a boat over the summer, you must now begin to think about putting it into storage for the winter. You can leave your boat in the water or store it on land during the winter. Storing a boat on land is often a better choice for several reasons.

Benefits of Storing a Boat on Land

If you live in a region that has cold winters, leaving a boat in the water is not a good idea. The boat can become damaged when the water freezes, and repairs can be expensive. Having to get your boat repaired can also force you to wait to get back out on the water, which means you will have less time to enjoy your boat next year.

Storing a boat on land during the winter gives it an opportunity to dry out. A boat left in the water all winter long can develop osmotic blisters from water that gets into the fiberglass laminate. Those blisters can be expensive to repair. A fiberglass boat that dries out in the off-season is less likely to develop osmotic blisters.

If the bottom of your boat needs to be painted, storing it on land is a better option than leaving it in the water. Many paints for the bottoms of boats do not oxidize in the air, so you can paint your boat in the fall and be prepared to get back out on the water next summer.

Why You Should Store Your Boat in a Portable Garage

A boat that is left outside exposed to the elements can freeze if the temperature drops. This is why it is important to cover a boat if it is stored on land. Many people shrink wrap their boats, but there is a simpler solution. You can store your boat in a portable garage.

A portable shelter can provide protection from winter weather for your boat. It can provide shelter from snow, rain, and ice and can protect the vessel from extreme temperatures. A portable garage can also allow your boat to breathe.

Portable Garage Depot sells shelters made with heavy-duty steel frames with polyethylene covers that can provide the protection your boat needs during the winter. Our portable garages are sturdy enough to stand up to strong wind and snow. Storing your boat in a portable garage can prevent many problems so it will be in good condition when you are ready to head back out on the water next year. Order a shelter from Portable Garage Depot today to store your boat on land this winter.

Have You Figured out Where You Will Store Your New RV This Winter?

Summer is a time for setting out on family vacations and exploring new places. Many people take to the road in RVs during the summer. This offers an opportunity to see a large part of the country and spend quality time with family. If you recently bought a new RV, you are undoubtedly excited. Perhaps you spent several weeks traveling with your family all over the United States this summer.

Why You Should Start Thinking about Winter Storage for Your RV

The summer will be coming to an end soon, and you need to think ahead. You might not have thought about it when you bought your RV, but you will need a place to store it during the winter. An RV can become damaged if it is exposed to extreme temperatures, snow, and ice during the winter. That can cause the outside to become damaged and mechanical and electrical components to fail.

Why You Should Choose a Portable Garage

Your RV probably won’t fit in a traditional garage because of its height. However, there is another place where you can store it during the winter so it will be safe and protected from the elements. You can store your RV in a portable garage.

Portable garages come in a wide range of sizes to shelter one or more vehicles. They can even fit a large vehicle like an RV. You can find a tall and wide portable garage that is the right size for your camper so you can protect it from winter weather and not need to worry about it becoming damaged.

Portable garages can stand up to severe winter weather. They are made with heavy-duty steel frames and have polyethylene covers that offer protection from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays. A portable garage can offer the best protection for an RV short of storing it in a garage.

Shelters of America offers a wide selection of portable garages in many sizes and designs. You can find one that is the right size for your RV. A portable garage can be set up quickly in your yard so you can have a place to park your RV during the winter.

Order a Portable Garage Today

If you just spent a lot of money on a new RV, you want to protect your investment. You need to have a safe place to store your RV for the winter where it will be protected from the weather. A portable garage from Shelters of America is the solution you need. Look through our selection and place your order today.