6 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage

Portable garages have been around for a long time. They’re a great, cost sensible alternative to building a structure for storage purposes and they can be moved, taken down and rebuilt whenever and wherever needed.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable garage but don’t have any extra cars to store or thought they were just for lawn equipment, this list will give you some additional ideas that make getting a portable garage worth it.

Keep reading to learn why!

1. Store Your Lawn Clutter

There’s no homeowner or passerby who likes to look at a messy lawn. Backyards filled with equipment, kid’s toys and stacks of stuff aren’t typically easy on the eye. To avoid annoying neighbors and to keep your valuables out of the wrong person’s sight, use a portable garage. It doesn’t have to be too big and you can still fit your leaf blower, push mower and your kid’s bikes and sports equipment in there for safe keeping.

2. Economical

One of the greatest benefits of a portable garage is that is costs significantly less than having to build a brick and mortar structure on your property. While cheaper isn’t necessarily the best tactic when buying, investing the extra savings in a quality portable garage made of galvanized steel and polyethylene cover will give you the best bang for your buck.

3. Hobby / She-Shed

She Sheds is a trending topic these days. What was once a place for men to get away for some peace of mind, portable garages are now becoming crafting spaces and places, where even women can step away from the days, stresses to unwind.

portable garage

4. Extra Cars and Toys

If you’re someone who likes toys and owns your fair share of weekend cars, bikes and boats then you need somewhere safe to keep these in the off-season so they don’t endure the harsh outdoor elements and become damaged.


5. Greenhouse/Gardening

Depending on where you live, you can invest in a portable garage for extra protection of your flowers, plants, and trees. They work great as small greenhouse kits and can even have lighting added to them as a method to aid in their growth and care.

horses canopy

6. Livestock

In addition to better management of your “things” portable garages can even help you with livestock and animals. Keep your horses and other outdoor animals and their food safe from heavy wind, rain, snow, heat, and other potentially damaging elements.

Portable Garage Depot provides everything you need to protect your valuables. From custom garage and carport frames to covers in a variety of colors and surface anchors that accommodate all applications.

Check out the video below to hear more about why our Portable Garages are the way to go!

Maintaining Tropical Plants in a Portable Shelter

If you have a green thumb and have enjoyed the last few warm summer months nurturing and growing beautiful plants, then you may be starting to feel sad about having to weed and prepare those plants for the cold winter. Depending on where you live, perennials go dormant but return again next year. There are plants that cannot withstand the cold temps though.

The options you have with those is to let them eventually wilt and die and toss them at the end of the season, or you could bring them indoors or somewhere they’re protected (like a portable shelter) so they can continue to thrive and live beautifully as they have been.

If bringing a forest of outdoor plants into your home living space is out of the question, then a portable garage or a greenhouse is just the thing you need for winter gardening bliss.

Keep reading for details on how to maintain tropical plants in a portable shelter.

Research Your Location

The first thing you should do before attempting to garden over the winter is to learn more about the zone you live in and what the temperature and ground freeze means for the livelihood of plants kept outdoors. Once you have a better understanding of which crops grow best in which seasons, you can begin to seek alternatives for taking those plants inside a shelter and getting them the proper care to survive despite outdoor temps.

Choose the Right Portable Shelter

Portable shelters are great options because they offer protection from the elements, they can be moved when not in use, and you don’t need to break ground to create a permanent space. With careful planning they can even be used as a greenhouse for plants and provide sunlight, warmth and even more intricate watering systems should you have the extra funds and want to get fancy.

greenhouse plants

Tropical Plant Tips

In addition to taking tropical plants to an enclosed shelter, you should add some extra layers of security to protect the roots and keep the cold temps from burning them out. Add extra layers of mulch to the pots, fertilize and water at the right times and do your research on which areas of your property will bring in the most sunlight (a vital ingredient to healthy plant growth).

Shop our huge selection of portable shelters and keep those gorgeous plants alive through all the seasons.


Spring is the Perfect Time for a Carport

With cold weather out of the way for most of the nation, it’s time to start thinking about warmer seasons and more time to spend outdoors. Picnics, car and bike cruises and boating on open waters are all favorite pastimes for many during the spring and summer.

While most days are mild and great, these seasons also come with their own issues as far as weather that could damage your valuables. Heavy rain showers, intense sunlight and other factors could cause fling debris, rot, rust and other issues so storage is still important.

Carports and portable shelters are a terrific way to protect your motorcycle, car, boat, RV and other valuables from these possible issues. They are affordable, durable and easy to install.

Here are some more reasons to consider getting a carport this spring.

Green Houses

Many people opt for carports and portable shelters to allow them to garden for longer periods of the year and enjoy the relaxation it can bring in a more controlled and comfortable environment. Greenhouses are also great in the spring to get plants started in advance from seeds, until they are ready to be planted in the ground outdoors or as a way to permanently set-up your garden.


Outdoor Entertaining

Carports aren’t just great for storing vehicles. They also make a terrific place to host outdoor events. With the spring and summer seasons increasing the occurrence of outdoor parties and picnics, you will have a location to host those events without needing to worry about rain and other weather throwing a wrench in your plans.

carport picnic

Metal Carports

If you live in an area with extreme winter weather conditions, you may be concerned about damage to your portable shelter. Metal carports are a terrific option to remove the need to replace covers due to tears and can even add value to your property if done right.

Shelters of America has everything you need. From truck covers, instant shelters, boat covers, car garages, garage kits, portable shelters, portable garages, carports, car covers, portable buildings, motorcycle covers, metal carports and metal buildings.

Our instant storage buildings have galvanized steel frames to ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, and more. Shop today!

Miss Gardening in the Winter? Buy a Portable Greenhouse

Winter is a magical time when glistening snow flurries and serene landscapes covered in white decorate many states. If you live in these areas and are a fan of the warm temperatures and sitting outside by the pool or enjoying your garden, then maybe this isn’t the most accurate description of the winter season. This season has been an extremely cold one and many states are now digging their way out of several inches of snow from a blizzard. If you’ve grown tired of seeing all of the snow cover and have been longing to get your hands dirty in some soil and back to gardening, there is a happy compromise to consider: Portable greenhouses.

What are Greenhouses?

There are a number of residential and commercial greenhouses available on the market today to fulfill varied agricultural needs. But if you don’t have the budget or the extra land that a farmer does, then a portable greenhouse kit for the home is a great alternative. Portable greenhouses come in many styles and sizes and they can be set-up with different design plans for to suit your green thumb.

Portability at its Finest

The great thing about portable greenhouses is that they are easy to build. If you purchase a greenhouse with ready to build design plans, you’ll have a kit with everything you need to get started on your planting – even if the weather outdoors isn’t cooperating.

More Gardening Options

Even though some plants cannot thrive in colder temps, there are plenty of options that you can still grow in a greenhouse during these months with some know-how including carrots, potatoes, squash and more. You can also use the greenhouse to get a head start on the outdoor season by planting flower and vegetables seeds and giving them time to germinate. Features such as air vents, translucent covers and high illumination make gardening a breeze.

Shelters of America is a leader in portable storage products and has a myriad of portable greenhouses available for you. Shop now!

Essential Tips for How to Use a Greenhouse In Winter

20'Wx48'Lx12'H Round Style High Tunnel
20’Wx48’Lx12’H Round Style High Tunnel

Gardening is a favorite pastime for many. In warmer months, it means beautiful, lush flower beds and hearty, homegrown crops. For those of us who live in areas with cold winters, unfortunately that bliss is only lived for a few months each year. There are ways to continue to grow plants though, even in the winter. Like using a greenhouse.

Greenhouses are perfect for those who have a passion garden as well as those looking to get plants started sooner for spring, or would just like to continue growing over the winter months.

Here are some tips on how to use a greenhouse in the winter. Continue reading Essential Tips for How to Use a Greenhouse In Winter

Order a Greenhouse Now to Get Ready for Fall and Winter Growing

Many people enjoy growing vegetables in their gardens during the spring and summer. When cooler fall weather comes, people often put away their gardening tools and settle in for a long winter.

If you love to grow your own vegetables, you don’t need to give it up when the weather turns colder. You have another option that can allow you to enjoy the relaxation of gardening and the satisfaction of growing your own food all year long. You can grow plants even in the middle of winter by setting up a greenhouse in your yard.

Why You Should Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse

A greenhouse can provide you with a protected and controlled environment where your plants can grow and thrive regardless of the weather outside. With a greenhouse, you will not need to worry about extreme cold, frost, snow, or ice ruining your plants. You will be able to continue to enjoy your gardening hobby even if it is freezing outside and snow is falling.

A greenhouse can provide a welcome escape from bleak and gray winter weather where you can go to work with your hands and be surrounded by the bright colors of your garden. If you have space in your backyard, a greenhouse is the perfect way to continue gardening all year. All you need is a relatively large, level area that gets direct sunlight for part of the day during the winter.

With a greenhouse in your yard, you can grow vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, and spinach so your family can enjoy fresh produce all winter long. This can save you trips to the supermarket and money.

Why You Should Order a Greenhouse Now

Late summer is the time to order a greenhouse for fall and winter growing. Fall will be here soon, and the weather will turn cooler. You will need some time to set up your greenhouse, buy seeds and containers, plant them in soil, and water them to get the plants started. By ordering a greenhouse now, you can have plenty of time to get ready so your vegetables will be thriving in the winter.

Where to Order a Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a smart investment that can help you continue to participate in your hobby of gardening during the fall and winter. Carport Depot sells greenhouses that are perfect for cold weather gardening. We offer greenhouses in several sizes to suit gardeners with different needs and amounts of time to devote to growing vegetables. Order a greenhouse from Carport Depot today.

How to Choose the Right Size and Design for Your Greenhouse

If you enjoy gardening and would like to be able to do it all year long, but you live in an area where that is not possible outdoors, you can set up a greenhouse. A greenhouse can allow you to regulate the temperature and make sure your plants get the right amount of sunlight and shade so they can grow and thrive. That can allow you to enjoy vegetables or flowers throughout the year.

When looking for a greenhouse, you need to find one that is the right size. You also need to organize it in an efficient way that will allow you to maximize the use of the available space.

What Size Greenhouse Do You Need?

Think about the types and numbers of plants you want to grow. You also need to consider the size of the plants in the future. Pots can be put close together when they only contain seeds, but as plants grow they will need more room to spread out. Make sure there is enough space that the plants will not touch each other so air can circulate freely.

Make a list of all of the supplies you will need to raise your plants. Figure out how many pots and flats you will need to raise the number of plants you want. You will need storage space for all of your seeds, soil, hoses, watering cans, and fertilizer.

You will need space for benches inside your greenhouse. You can buy a greenhouse that comes with benches or purchase them separately. Think about the size of your flats and the number of flats that each bench can hold. You will also need to set aside some work space to plant your seeds.

How to Organize Your Greenhouse

You will need walkways inside your greenhouse. Make sure you leave yourself enough room to walk around and easily tend to all of your plants. If more than one person will work in the greenhouse at the same time, make sure there is enough space for you to work without bumping into each other.

Think of creative ways to use your available space. For example, you can put a frame over a storage area to put flats, and you can hang baskets from the ceiling overhead.

Where to Order a Greenhouse

A greenhouse can let you enjoy gardening year-round. Portable Garage Depot sells greenhouses in a variety of sizes that you can use to grow plants all year. Think about what you want to grow and how you will use the space available, and order a greenhouse from Portable Garage Depot.

Why You Should Ventilate Your Greenhouse in the Spring

A greenhouse can let you enjoy growing vegetables or flowers all year long, even in the middle of winter. If you have been thinking about growing plants in a greenhouse, spring is a good time to set one up and get started. You will need to adjust the way you use your greenhouse depending on the season. You will probably need to ventilate it in the spring.

Why a Greenhouse Needs to Be Ventilated in the Spring

A greenhouse is insulated to trap heat. The greenhouse absorbs heat from the sun during the day and retains it through the night, when the temperature dips lower.

Temperatures on a spring day can range from mild to extremely hot. On a hot day, all of that heat trapped in an enclosed space can be too much for plants to bear. Plants in an unventilated greenhouse can suffer the way a person would in a hot car with the windows up. All of your vegetables or flowers can die if they are left in a greenhouse that reaches temperatures that are too high. You can prevent that by ventilating your greenhouse.

Ventilating a greenhouse also provides fresh air that plants need. Without a regular exchange of fresh air, your greenhouse will not have enough carbon dioxide for plants to grow.

How to Control the Temperature in Your Greenhouse

You will need to strike a balance with just the right amount of heat. The methods you use to ventilate your greenhouse will depend on the climate in your region, the type of greenhouse you have, and the type of plants you are growing. You can use either manual or automatic methods to ventilate your greenhouse. You may want to consider vents, fans, or a solar opener.

Order a Greenhouse from Shelters of America This Spring

If you are thinking about buying a greenhouse, early spring is an excellent time to do so. You can set it up and be ready to start growing vegetables or flowers in a controlled environment where they can thrive.

Shelters of America offers a selection of greenhouses in a variety of sizes and styles that you can set up in your yard to enjoy gardening in every season. Order a greenhouse today.

Order a Greenhouse So You Can Enjoy Gardening All Winter Long

Many people enjoy spending time outdoors in their gardens and find working with plants relaxing. Now that winter is here, gardening can be difficult or downright impossible if you live in a region that gets snow, ice, and extremely cold weather. This can force you to put off your hobby until spring returns.

If you would like to continue gardening in the winter and you have some space in your backyard, you can set up a greenhouse. A greenhouse can allow you to grow plants all winter long in a controlled environment where they will be protected from extreme weather. You will be able to continue your hobby and spend time outdoors regardless of the weather.

Grow Vegetables or Flowers in a Greenhouse This Winter

You can grow many types of plants in a greenhouse. You can raise a variety of winter vegetables so your family will be able to enjoy fresh produce straight from the greenhouse to the table all winter long. This can save you quite a bit of money, since prices for fresh produce can vary significantly depending on the store and the season.

You can also grow flowers in your greenhouse over the winter. You can enjoy decorating your home with flowers that you raised yourself in your greenhouse. A bright bouquet of freshly cut flowers can beautify your home and lift your spirits on a cold and dark winter day.

A Greenhouse from Shelters of America Can Help You Enjoy Winter Gardening

Shelters of America offers greenhouses in a variety of sizes that you can set up in your yard to grow vegetables or flowers this winter. Our greenhouses are designed to allow in plenty of sunlight so your plants can grow to be healthy and colorful. They have screened air vents on the front and back panels to maximize airflow and ventilation. Greenhouses from Shelters of America have triple-layer, heat-bonded, rip-stop translucent covers that are waterproof and UV-treated on the inside and outside. They have all-steel frames with stabilizers to stand up to severe winter weather.

Setting up a greenhouse in your yard can allow you to enjoy the relaxation of gardening and the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables or flowers. You can enjoy eating fresh vegetables or decorating your home with flowers you grew yourself this winter. A greenhouse from Shelters of America can help you enjoy the many benefits of gardening year-round. Order a greenhouse from Shelters of America today.

How to Control Temperature and Air Circulation in Your Greenhouse

greenhouse-temperature-air-circulationA greenhouse can let you to extend the growing season and cultivate plants year-round. A greenhouse allows you to control the temperature and ventilation in an enclosed space, which is essential to have healthy plants. Here are some tips to help you regulate the environment in your greenhouse.

Regulating the Temperature in Your Greenhouse

The amount of light will affect the temperature in your greenhouse. Summer crops grow best when the temperature is between 75 and 85 degrees during the day and less than 75 at night. During the winter, the temperature should not be more than 65 degrees during the day and can get down to 45 degrees at night.

Check the temperature requirements of the plants you want to grow in your greenhouse. If you want to grow plants in a greenhouse in the winter, you may need an auxiliary heat source. The cold outdoor temperatures can make it difficult to keep a greenhouse warm, even if it gets a lot of sun. Several types of greenhouse heaters are available, including propane and electric.

In other cases, you may need to cool your greenhouse to avoid overheating your plants. A greenhouse in a sunny area can get too hot, even in the winter. If your greenhouse is attached to your house, you may be able to move the warm air to your home.

How to Promote Air Circulation in a Greenhouse

Good air circulation is necessary to grow healthy plants in your greenhouse. Air circulation strengthens the woody tissue in plant stems and makes it harder for fungi to attack plants. Leave spaces between plants so they are not touching each other to allow air to circulate.

Plants need carbon dioxide in air to produce sugars for food. Carbon dioxide can be depleted in a closed greenhouse. Change the air supply at least once a day, even if that means you will need to add extra heat.

An easy way to increase air circulation in your greenhouse is to install screened windows and doors. You can open a window on one side and a door panel on the opposite end to create cross-ventilation. Warm air can rise and exit through high windows, and colder air can enter through lower windows.

If you have a free-standing greenhouse, you can use passive vents and thermostatically-controlled exhaust fans and intake vents. Manually-operated vents are inexpensive but need to be checked at least twice a day and opened or closed. An automatic ventilation system is more expensive but can save time and do a better job of regulating the temperature.

Order a Greenhouse So You Can Grow Plants Year-Round

Controlling the temperature and air circulation in your greenhouse can help you successfully grow plants in any season. Follow these tips to maintain a healthy growing environment in your greenhouse.

If you are interested in buying a greenhouse to grow plants, Portable Garage Depot has many available in a variety of sizes and styles. A greenhouse can help you continue gardening even in the middle of winter. Order a greenhouse from Portable Garage Depot today.