Get Firewood Ready for Winter with a Portable Garage

Keeping a warm fire going in your home makes it cozy on those blustery, cold winter days and nights – which will be here before we know it. Heating your home with firewood is also a great way to cut down on heating costs. But wood that’s wet won’t burn effectively and leaving it outside is sometimes the only option.

Don’t let this deter you from enjoying a cozy fire this winter. A portable garage shelter is an easy way to keep firewood protected from the elements and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Here are a few options to consider for storing your firewood this winter.

Firewood Rack & Cover

An affordable option for keeping your firewood dry and safe when not in use are firewood racks. This option can be used to store chopped wood off of the ground and keep it covered and protected from the elements. Firewood racks come in a range of lengths and sizes and can be set-up anywhere it’s convenient in a user’s yard.  A breathable polyester cover that can be unzipped or that covers only part of the wood is also a great option because it also allows the wood to breathe and stay seasoned.

shed for seasoning firewoodSeasoning Shed

The best kind of wood for burning a great fire indoors is seasoned firewood. Not only does it eliminate the hassle of smoke, but it also crackles and shimmers pleasantly when it is perfectly dried. To speed up the process involved in seasoning firewood, and to protect it best, you can invest in a seasoning shed. These dwellings are specifically designed for keeping wood dry. Most of these types of sheds will come with a vapor barrier floor to block out moisture while also keeping condensation to a minimum.  Other options like a polyethylene translucent fabric allows more light to enter into the shed and the heat it creates will speed up the drying of firewood.

As we head straight into the winter months, now’s a great time to get your firewood ready before inclement weather hits. Check out the various options available for purchase at

Order a Firewood Rack to Get Ready for Winter

firewood-rackFall is here, and soon cold winter days and nights will be arriving. Many people across the United States use fireplaces and wood-burning stoves to supply heat in the winter and to save money on fuel. Burning wood can be an economical way to keep warm in the winter.

Dried Wood Burns Better

Fresh wood has a moisture content of about 50 percent. Dried wood should have a moisture content of about 15 to 20 percent for burning. Wood that has dried out is easier to light, burns better, and produces more heat and fewer emissions. It is dried by chopping it into smaller pieces and allowing it to dry out by exposure to the air. In order to have wood burn well and not be damaged by moisture, rot, and mold, it needs to be kept off the ground and ventilated.

A Firewood Rack Can Keep Your Wood Dry

If you are planning to burn wood to keep warm this winter, you can store it on a firewood rack until it is needed. This will keep it off the ground to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing fungus and rot. It will also allow air to circulate around the wood so it can dry out and reach the appropriate moisture content for clean burning in your home.

Carport Depot has a collection of firewood racks that are ideal for storing firewood for the winter. Our racks will keep your firewood elevated off the ground and provide better protection from moisture than you could get by storing the wood on a tarp.

Our firewood racks are designed to store one-quarter to one-half cord of wood. They have steel frames and black polyester covers that can be adjusted to cover the wood or allow air to circulate freely. The wood can be stored up to four feet high in the frame, and the cover can slide down over the pile. The wood will be protected from moisture on both ends to reduce the chance of rotting and make it last longer. Our racks range in size from 4 to 12 feet long.

Order a Firewood Rack from Carport Depot

If you want to burn wood in a fireplace or stove this winter, a firewood rack can help you keep the wood dry and free from moisture that could cause mildew and rot. It will help keep the wood well ventilated so it will reach the right moisture content and produce better heat. Order a firewood rack from Carport Depot today.