Storing Your Boat for the Winter? Use a Carport

If you’re the lucky owner of a boat, then you know just how great it feels to be out on the open waters, sun glistening, enjoying your vessel. You also know the work and cost associated with keeping your boat operational. That’s why off-season storage should be an important focus.

Rental fees at marinas can be exorbitant. And then there is the worry over big storms and damage from the sun and debris. Save money, and keep your boat on your property, under a covered carport instead.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons you should opt for a carport to store your boat this winter.


After you’ve had your last thrill in the water for the season and you’ve removed the bilge drain, scrubbed the boat’s hull and deck, and let everything dry-up, it’s time to store and protect your costly investment over the winter months.

Boat canopies and metal carports that are designed for long-term storage are made with steel frames and come with UV-resistant, waterproof polyurethane covers. These features as well as an enclosed option, means you’ll be able to shield your boat from bad weather and damage while withstanding strong winds and weight from the snow.


Since boats come in all different sizes and lengths, it can be hard to predict whether or not a brick and mortar permanent storage location is the right choice. Getting a portable dwelling makes it easy to measure accurately, assemble and choose the location where you’d like to store your boat. You don’t get that kind of versatility when you have to make or rent a spot at a permanent structure.

As an added benefit, carports can be used for more than storing your boat in off season, they can even be used for an outdoor get together with tables and chairs – the possibilities or endless. If you don’t need it though, you can also take it apart and store it away until next season.

Cost Savings

With all of the options a carport offers, it’s easy to see you’re getting the best bang for your buck. The cost savings alone by not having to get permits drawn up and purchased and the fees to have a permanent shelter constructed are important to consider. Also many marinas have expensive dock harbor and dry dock fees. With a portable garage shelter, you can make a one-time purchase and quickly make a return on that investment.

At Carport Depot we have high-quality portable shelters at affordable prices. Check out our vast selection and find the right structure for your storage needs today. Get a quote.

Parking Your Boat for the Season? Consider a Canopy for Better Protection

Depending who you talk to, boating season will soon come to an end. The cold weather makes it less enjoyable for many unless of course, you’re an avid fisherman and must brace the colder water temperatures to get a specific catch.

If you’re getting ready to park you boat for the season, consider the benefits of protecting it with a covered shelter versus leaving it out in the open to brace the elements.

Here are some of the top benefits of using a boat canopy.

Keep it Clean

A primary reason to invest in a covered shelter for your boat is to keep it clean from debris, rodents and bugs as well as prevent chips in the paint, fading and dents. Winters can be harsh on a boat because of the heavy ice, UV rays and water – all of which gradually damage the surface and interior of a boat.

Hinder Repair Costs

One of the largest costs associated with owning a boat are repairs and equipment replacement fees. Mechanical breakdowns can happen just from bracing the elements and things like water buildup. To slow down the chances you’ll have to make costly repairs before your boat can be used next season, you should store it in a shelter where it’s well protected from the elements.

Thwart Thieves

Boats that are left uncovered can easily be stolen from. Thieves passing by will have much less trouble getting into the boat to steal electronics or other commonly stolen items like outboards and outdrives when there isn’t a shelter to enter or a cover they must first bypass.

Get Back in the Water

boat under canopyAs an added benefit, you’ll spend less time trying to clean up the boat and get it back on to the water when the new season comes around so you can spend time doing what you like instead of maintenance work while you watch everyone else enjoying the waves.

Boat shelters from Carport Depot are built from galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel and are designed to shelter your seasonal vehicle all year round. Check out our selection of round, barn, and house-style shelters available in sizes ranging from 12 to 40 ft. wide to fit your specific needs.

How to Move a Carport to a New Location

A carport can provide shelter for one or more vehicles if you do not have space in a garage. A carport can be set up in one area and can usually last for many years to provide protection from the elements. In some cases, though, you may need to move your carport. For example, you may be planning to build an addition on your house, or you may want to put a shed in your yard. In those cases, you can move the carport to a new site. Here are some tips on how to do that.

When to Move Your Carport

It is not a good idea to move a carport in the winter since the ground may be frozen and could be covered with snow and ice. It is better to move your carport when the ground is thawed. This will make it easier if you decide to slide your carport instead of disassembling it.

How to Prepare to Move Your Carport

The first thing you will need to do is figure out where you want to put your carport and measure the distance. Move anything that might get in the way when you are moving your carport, such as rocks or sticks on the ground. If you do not know how to move your carport, ask someone for help. You can also pay a professional to do it for you.

How to Disassemble and Move Your Carport

If you want to take your carport apart and then put it back together in its new location, come up with a plan. Make sure you have the right tools to disassemble and reassemble your carport and mark each piece before you take it apart. Remove the top first. Label each piece and place them all in bags to make it easier to stay organized and reassemble the carport.

How to Slide Your Carport to a New Location

If you want to slide your carport to its new location, jack up the sides and place them on skidders. You can hitch the skidders to a tractor and slide the carport to its new site. Be careful and go slowly to avoid cracking the frame.

Order a Carport from Shelters of America

A carport can provide you with shelter for your vehicle for many years. It can provide protection from rain, snow, and the sun’s harmful UV rays that could damage your paint. A carport is a smart investment that is a good alternative to a traditional garage.

Shelters of America sells carports in a range of sizes to provide shelter for one or more vehicles. Our carports range from 10 to 30 feet in width. If you are interested in buying a new carport, look through our selection and place your order today.

How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car’s Paint this Summer

The sun’s UV rays go beyond harming your own skin by damaging your car’s sleek paint job. Overtime, your car’s paint can fade and become dull due to the harsh solar rays. To explain further, a technician from Bill Ussery Motor Group states how the UV rays can actually break down the molecules in your car’s paint that gives its color and gloss. The sun’s heat can also reduce the radiance reflected from your car’s paint. Use these three different methods to prevent damage and to keep your paint glowing all summer long. Continue reading How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Car’s Paint this Summer

Canvas Garages for Summer Vehicle Storage

Portable garages and carports are popular forms of shelter for people who want to protect their cars, trucks, and other vehicles from the elements when they don’t have a permanent garage.

The benefits of these structures are numerous. They are economical, easy to assemble, and effective at preventing damage from the elements, falling tree limbs, and more.

There are two basic types of portable garages and carports: those with metal covers and those with fabric or canvas covers.

Canvas Garages are Ideal for Summertime Storage

Carports with fabric covers and canvas garages are light, affordable options that work great for summer vehicle storage. They can provide excellent shade during the hottest part of the year, as well as more than adequate protection against sun damage, rain, pollen, and more.

In the winter, however, heavy snow loads and more severe weather may make a more robust metal-covered garage advisable.

Find Canvas Garages at Shelters of America

Shelters of America is a leading portable garage retailer with metal and canvas garage kits available at great prices. Find yours today.


Is a New Garage or a Metal Carport a Better Choice for You?

Your vehicle is a valuable investment, so you want to protect it from rain and snow that could cause it to rust and from the sun’s UV rays that could cause the paint to peel or fade. A garage provides the best protection for a vehicle, but many homes don’t have one. If your house doesn’t have a garage and you are concerned about the weather taking a toll on your vehicle, you can either build a garage or set up a metal carport. Both can add value to your property.

Possible Uses for a Garage and Carport

A garage is enclosed on all four sides. A carport has a roof and is open on the sides. A carport can provide protection from harsh weather, but it is not as useful as a garage if you want to store other items, such as tools, gardening equipment, or holiday decorations. In addition to storing a vehicle, a garage can be used as a workshop. You might also want to convert it to an extra room in your house in the future. That is not possible with a carport.

Benefits of Choosing a Carport

When people are deciding whether to build a garage or buy a carport, the decision often comes down to price. Depending on the size of the garage, the materials used, and where you live, building a garage can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A carport costs much less.

Another factor is time. A garage can take several weeks or months to build. You will also need to get a permit from your local government. A carport can be set up in a day, and you might not need a permit. You should always check with your local government before setting up a carport.

If you want a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution to protect your vehicle from the elements, a carport is the clear choice. It can protect your vehicle from rain, snow, and the sun’s UV rays at a fraction of the cost of building a garage.

Where to Order a Metal Carport

Carport Depot sells metal carports in a variety of sizes from 12 to 30 feet wide. Our metal carports are constructed with a triple-layer galvanized steel tube frame and a steel roof to provide excellent protection from all types of weather. They are resistant to rust, rot, termites, and fire. Order a metal carport from Carport Depot today.

Things to Consider before Buying a Carport

If you have one or more vehicles that you want to protect from snow, rain, and intense sun in the summer, but you don’t have enough space in a garage, one good alternative is to buy a carport. A carport can protect your vehicle from the elements in all seasons, but there are some important things you should consider first to help you make the right choice.

Check Building Code Restrictions

Before you buy a carport, you should check your local building codes. Many cities and towns have specific rules regarding structures built on a property. There may be restrictions on the size or type of structure you can set up and where you can put it. If you live in a private housing community, check the restrictions for homeowners. You may be limited in terms of the type of structure you can put up and where you can put it, or a carport may be prohibited.

Choose the Right Type of Carport

You need to choose a carport that is the right size and style for your property. It should be big enough to fit all of the vehicles you want to store under it and should allow you enough room to open the doors and trunks. It should also look good next to your house and should not be so big that it overwhelms the rest of the yard.

Select a Carport with a Strong Frame

When shopping for a carport, you need to choose the right grade and gauge for the steel frame. That will affect its strength and how well it stands up to a variety of weather conditions. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or wind, or if you live near saltwater, take that into account when shopping for a carport. You should also ask about the coating on the frame before you buy a carport. A coating can protect the carport’s frame from rusting, chipping, and peeling.

Order the Right Number and Type of Anchors

A carport needs to be anchored to make sure it will not blow away in strong winds. When you order a carport, be sure to get the right number and type of anchors so it will be secure.

Order a Carport from Shelters of America

Shelters of America offers carports with galvanized steel frames in a variety of sizes that can be used to protect one or more vehicles from the weather. Our carports are strong and durable enough to last through many years of exposure to the elements. Order a carport today.

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Pollen

protect car pollenDuring the spring and summer, pollen falls off trees, blankets vehicles and driveways, and is carried in the air. This can aggravate seasonal allergies for many people, but it can be harmful in other ways. Pollen can cause damage to your car if it is not removed.

How Pollen Can Damage a Vehicle

Pollen looks like yellow dust, but at a microscopic level it resembles hooks and needles. This is how it sticks to your car and your clothes. The hooks are not what makes pollen hazardous to your car, however.

Pollen is acidic when it comes into contact with water. This acid can stain your car’s paint and make it rust faster. Waiting for it to rain and wash away the pollen will not protect your vehicle from its effects.

How to Remove Pollen

If there is pollen on your car, wash it with soap and water. You need soap to encapsulate the pollen and wash it away. Using a hose alone is not effective. Wiping away pollen with a cloth can scratch the paint because pollen is abrasive. After you have washed your car, you can apply a coat of wax to make it harder for pollen to stick to it in the future.

How to Keep Pollen off Your Car

Washing your car can remove pollen that is already on it, but it is better to protect your car and prevent pollen from getting on it in the first place. The best way to do that is to park your car in a place where it is shielded from trees and pollen.

Park your car in a garage if you have one. This is the most effective way to protect it. If you do not have a garage, a portable garage or carport is the next best solution. It is made of a heavy-duty frame and a durable cover to keep pollen and other contaminants out. It will also shield your car from rain that could cause rust and from the sun’s rays that could fade your paint and make the interior unbearably hot.

Shelters of America sells carports and portable garages in a variety of sizes that can protect vehicles from pollen and other natural elements that could cause damage. A portable garage or carport can provide protection for one or more vehicles in the spring and summer and throughout the rest of the year. If you need to protect your vehicle from pollen and harsh weather, order a portable garage or carport today.

Why Does Frost Not Form on a Vehicle under a Carport?

carport frostIf you live in an area that experiences cold winters and park outside, you probably often go out in the morning and find your car covered with frost. If you don’t like the chore of cleaning your car in the morning before heading out for the day, the best way to protect it is to park it in a garage. If that is not an option, a carport is a good alternative. Even though it is open on the sides, a carport can keep your car free of frost.

Warm objects, such as vehicles, radiate heat. The warmer an object is, the more heat it loses. The ground loses heat on a cold night very quickly. Once the ground gets below the frost point of the air, water in the air condenses onto it and forms frost. This continues until all the water in the air condenses.

A carport reduces the rate at which the ground and a vehicle lose heat that they have generated or stored from the sun during the day. The top of a carport cools down at night, but it is still warmer than the sky, so the roof continues to radiate heat down into the carport and toward the ground. This increases the temperature under the carport and keeps it slightly warmer than other areas outside it. When the night turns cold, moisture in the air will condense and frost will form on the outside of the carport, but not under it on a vehicle.

A carport also creates a physical barrier that prevents moisture from condensing on the vehicle, even though the exterior of the vehicle is cold. This causes water in the atmosphere to condense on the outside of the carport on a clear night.

How to Fix a Damaged Portable Garage

fix damaged portable garageA portable garage can shelter a car, truck, SUV, or boat and keep it safe from harsh weather and the sun’s UV rays. Portable garages are easy to set up and are generally durable and long-lasting, but they can become damaged by severe weather or years of wear and tear. Fortunately, many common problems are easy to correct.

If you notice any damage to your portable garage, you should examine the entire structure to look for any other signs of problems. A visible problem may be caused by something that is not apparent at first. For example, sagging can be caused by damaged support poles. If your portable garage is leaning to one side, the supports might need to be repaired. A tear in the cover may have been caused by a storm or by someone driving into the carport.

One of the most common problems with a portable garage is a tear in the canvas cover. You can easily fix this with a repair kit and extra canvas. Clean the area that is torn with a cleaning solution made for canvas. Then measure the torn area and cut an appropriately sized piece of canvas to fit in the space. Spread glue from the repair kit on both the portable garage and the piece of canvas. Place the piece of canvas on the carport and hold it for a few minutes until the glue has dried.

If your portable garage is several years old or has recently been through a storm, the stress can cause the support braces to sag. This problem can be corrected with a spreader bar. Set the bar in the area where the braces are sagging and ratchet it to move the braces back into the correct positions. Use wire to secure the bar to the braces so it will stay in position.

If something has run into the carport or there has been severe weather, the support legs can become bent. This can make the carport not stand upright or can cause the legs to break and the portable garage to collapse. You will need to take down the portable garage and replace the damaged support legs.

Cords can fray or break and cause the carport to sag and blow over. You can easily tie on new cords to replace the ones that are damaged.