How to Fix a Torn Canopy

fix torn canopyA canopy can provide much needed shade on a hot summer day and protection from rain. A canopy can protect you and your family or guests so that you can enjoy an outdoor picnic or a relaxing day at the beach or a park.

Canopies are made from heavy-duty materials that are designed to stand up to rain, wind, and the sun’s UV rays, but occasionally they can become worn out through long periods of exposure to the weather or can be torn by debris. In that case, making a repair is fairly simple and straightforward. You should fix the tear in your canopy as soon as possible in order to keep it from getting larger.

The first step is to clean the area with the hole. Clean the top and bottom surfaces of the canopy around the tear with an oil-free cleaning solution. Then let the fabric dry completely before you repair the damage. If the fabric is damp, the tape will not stick properly to the fabric.

Buy a roll of canopy repair tape from a hardware store. Read the instructions carefully before you attempt to repair the hole in your canopy. Hold the two torn edges of the fabric so they fit together and put a piece of canopy repair tape on the top side of the tear. Press the tape to remove any air bubbles and then put another piece of tape on the bottom side of the tear.

If the tape is not positioned correctly, you should not try to remove it. This could cause the fabric to tear even more. Put another piece of tape on top of the one that is placed incorrectly to secure the fabric.

Check the rest of the canopy for any other signs of damage. Place pieces of tape over any other holes you find to prevent further damage.

Uses for a Pop-Up Canopy

pop up canopy usesNow that spring is here, people will be planning many outdoor activities, such as parties, barbecues, weddings, markets, and trips to the beach. A pop-up canopy is an ideal way to protect guests from spring and summer sun and rain to enjoy time spent outside.

If you plan to host an outdoor party or barbecue this season, you will want a way to shield your guests from sun and possibly rain. You will also need to protect food that you set outside from the elements. A pop-up canopy is an easy way to enjoy your party, even if the weather is not ideal.

Spring is a popular time for weddings, and many couples choose to take advantage of the weather and hold their festivities outdoors. However, there is always the threat of a spring rainstorm, so you should set up a canopy to protect your guests, tables, chairs, and food from the weather.

Visiting the beach is a popular way to spend a summer day. The blazing summer sun can cause sunburn, which can ruin a relaxing day. Shield your family and friends from the hot sun with a canopy that you can easily set up at the beach.

A pop-up canopy is also a good option for a flea market or farmers’ market. If you plan to sell goods outside, you will need to protect them from weather that could cause them to become damaged. A canopy will enable you to keep the items you are selling in the best condition possible.

Canopies are easy to set up and are durable enough to stand up to heavy rain and sun. They are lightweight and easy to transport to the location of your choice. Contact Portable Garage Depot today to learn about our line of canopies for outdoor events.

Portable Canopy Resembling Flower Creates Solar Power

Lotus Canopy

A new portable solar power canopy called the Lotus Mobile is looking to change the solar power market. Solar innovator and creator of this product, Joseph Hui, modeled his design after his love for flowers. Hui’s design allows for the canopy to fold up to protect itself from severe weather.

The Lotus Mobile portable canopy is designed to resemble a Lotus flower. It is lightweight and pole mounted, with a solar canopy composed of 18 petal-like solar modules. The unusual design is delicate-looking but tough enough for its intended use and hopes to chip away at some of the “soft costs” that have been keeping solar power out of reach for many people.

Lotus Flower Inspiration

The Lotus flower is Hui’s inspiration for the design and overall concept of the Lotus Mobile. He is the President and CEO of the company behind the solar powered product, Monarch Power (He is also a big fan of butterflies). Here is a quote from Hui explaining how the Lotus Lotus Mobileflower inspired him;

“Best of all, you know that you are learning from nature to protect nature, just like the Lotus plant that takes sunlight and water and turns that into fuel, without creating a carbon footprint. The only footprint is a nice architectural shade that your neighbors would find attractive.”

Avoiding “Soft Costs”

One of the major benefits of the Lotus Mobile is that it can avoid many of the “soft costs” of solar power. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about half the cost of a typical solar array consist of installation and grid connection, as well as regulatory obstacles including zoning, permitting and inspections. Because the Lotus Mobil can be a non-permanent or semi-permanent shade canopy, it is possible that it could avoid many of the “soft costs”.

Creating a Low-Cost Solar Power Canopy

There are a few other design elements of the canopy that contribute to low cost solar power. The Lotus Mobile is designed to be an off-grid device with a lightweight design to cut down on the installation costs. Plastic and aluminum parts are the main factors in the reduced weight. They are not as strong as steel frames or glass-based solar panels when it comes to withstanding extreme weather, but that it why the Lotus Mobile easily folds up like a flower. The canopy uses solar tracking and highly efficient solar cells to convert sunlight into both electricity and hot water. Hui anticipates an installed cost of $1.50 per watt, which is better than the conventional $4.00, but falls short of Energy Department’s goal of $1.00 per watt.

The anticipated cost for an installed Lotus Mobile is about $9,000. At that price the payback period should be relatively short, especially in warmer areas where AC is used often. The unique design, lower “soft costs”, and lower price per watt should make the Lotus Mobile a successful solar power product.

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Solar Powered Tarps for Electric Vehicles

Solar Powered Tarp
With gas prices rising, the popularity of electric vehicles is also increasing. Many people are turning to hybrids and EVs to help alleviate some of the financial burden caused by high gas prices. Many car companies are developing hybrids and EVs to help create a supply for the demand. As more and more people buy EVs, more innovative accessories for them are also coming out.

Many towns and businesses are installing solar carports to provide a fueling station for electric vehicles. They use the sun to create electricity that can be used to charge EVs and also provide overhead protection from the elements. One industrial engineer has created a solar powered car cover that can charge electric vehicles.

Named the V-Tent, this innovative tarp will not only protect your vehicles from being damaged by the elements, it will charge your car. Hakan Gursu is the mind behind the V-Tent, and it is designed to charge any electrical vehicle that is parked underneath it. Hakan hopes to extend the life of EVs and to build up the electric charging infrastructure, as well as re-imagine urban parking meters.

The way the V-Tent works is, after you park your electric vehicle and pay, the solar powered cover will unwrap itself over your vehicle. You will be able to use a credit card for payment, and drivers will be able to check the status of the charge through a smartphone app.

Digital depictions of the V-Tent have already been created. They do not take up a lot of space, seem easy to use, and provide both energy and protection for your vehicle. They solar-powered cover provides energy for both your vehicle and for nearby street lights that will make the charging stations more visible at night. With the popularity of EVs and solar power on the rise, V-Tents may just be a reality in the near future.

You can see a video of the V-Tent by clicking on this link: YouTube.


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Tarps for Kids Program Helping Local Schools

Finger Painting

A tarp distributor out of Palmdale, California found a way to put its overstocked items to good use. Many companies are not sure what to do with their overstocked products, but this company is using theirs for a program called Tarps for Kids.

The California-based company, Tarps Plus, has created the Tarps for Kids program by donating their overstocked supply of untreated white canvas tarps, as well some portable building tarps to local schools. The company collaborates with the local schools to set up an event where Tarps Plus shows up with the tarps and painting Portable Garagesupplies and the kids paint them with their teachers.

The Tarps Plus truck will arrive at a school and lay out a 30 x 30 foot white campus tarp. Then a 10 x 10’ white pop-up tent is set up on top of it. The Tarps Plus employees then lay out all of the painting supplies for the kids so they can create their masterpieces! The children dip their hands in the paint and imprint their hands onto the tent along with their teachers, symbolizing the unity of the school. The tarp on the ground is for the children to free paint anything they can imagine.

Tarps Plus CEO said this about the creation of the program;

“We were trying to think of a unique way to use our overstocked tarps and tents. What better way than donating them to schools and getting the children involved with painting them?”

After it is all said and done, the schools use the tarps and tents for fundraisers,
assemblies, and various outdoor functions. Tarps Plus hopes to do the program all throughout California, but for now they are starting with the Southern half. If your school is in the Southern California area and wants to participate in the Tarps for Kids program, you can contact the company at 1-800-838-3057.

New Tent Design allows you and your Motorcycle to be protected from the Elements

portable shelter

Many people enjoy camping and riding their motorcycle or dirt bike. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily combine the two activities? Redverz Gear has a product that allows you to camp and protect both you and your bike from the elements.

The Series II Expedition Tent by Redverz Gear makes it possible for you and your motorbike to sleep safely and stay protected from any of the outdoor elements. The Series II Expedition fits into a carry bag that only weighs 13 pounds and measures 10 by 21 inches, making it extremely portable. However, once it is unpacked and assembled,motorcyle garage canopy the versatile portable shelter increases to a size of 100 by 201 inches.

The tent is made from ripstop nylon, with a double wall designed to eliminate condensation. There are two separate areas in the tent, one for you to sleep in, and a larger secondary area that can be used to park your bike. Now whenever you are not using the bike, it can stay completely covered, protecting it from the sun and rain. Inside the tent there is also a mosquito and privacy door. The sleeping area can easily fit two people comfortably.

The tent, that is essentially a portable garage, has enough space in the bigger area to fit up to two bikes. The same area you can park your bikes doubles as a utility area that you can use to cook. There are many times when you are camping and an unexpected rainstorm may hit, making it difficult to cook and stay dry. The Series II Expedition will allow you to complete many tasks with a height large enough to allow most people to stand up inside. So whether you want to stand up and get dressed or park a motorcycle inside, the Expedition has enough space.

Portable Garage


The Stingray Suspended Tent Canopy

Stingray Tent

A United Kingdom-based tent manufacturer, called Tentsile, recently unveiled their newest product, the Stingray. The company says that the Stingray is the perfect combination of hammock and tent. The tent’s design allows you to sleep inside, suspended in the air.

When you go camping, a tent’s canopy will protect you from rain and other elements. However, on the ground you are more susceptible to frost, bugs, animals, and rocks. The Stingray allows you to sleep off the ground, suspended in the air. It works like a canopy that protects you and your belongings, but you can Suspended Tentstay inside of it and not have to be on the ground.

Tentsile’s newest tent uses three tree straps, two poles, and a polyester tarp to keep its tenants safe above the ground. The Stingray can be assembled or disassembled in just five minutes! It weighs only 13 pounds, and when set up, it is large enough to sleep up to four people. The suspended tent is accessible from the ground through a collapsible ladder. You can enter the tent through either a floor hatch or side door.

The Stingray has optional accessories available too. For an added price, you can get a shoe drying rack, luggage nets, or even iPad pouches. The company is marketing the Stingray to the avid camper, United Nations, and military. The tent’s lightweight design and relatively low price make it enticing for use in natural disaster situations. If there are areas that have been flooded or where the ground is unsuitable, the Stingray would be a great temporary shelter for those affected.

Right now, Tentsile has turned to Kickstarter for help with bringing their new product to the market. The minimum pledge is around $1,400 and you will be guaranteed one when the initial units are released around March.


The Oakland Raiders are taking a Page out of the Jaguars’ Playbook to Lower Capacity

Raiders Stadium

The Oakland Raiders are planning on using tarps to block off a large section of their stadium in hopes to reduce seating and “sell out” more home games in the 2013 season. The team hopes that this strategy that was most recently used by the Jacksonville Jaguars will help them eliminate blackout games.

Jaguars Stadium
Jaguars Tarp off Section of their Stadium

The Raiders are not the only Oakland team to implement this strategy. In 2006 the Oakland A’s used tarps to eliminate 20,000 seats that were normally empty during games. The only downside in the NFL is that once the tarps are on, they have to stay on, the WHOLE season. So when the A’s miraculously made the playoffs, they ran into a similar problem. When the A’s faced off against Detroit in the Divisions Series, 20,000 seats were covered up. Sorry Raiders fans, but it is very unlikely that your team will face this same problem in 2013 after a dismal 4-12 season this year.

Placing the tarps over the 300 section, nicknamed Mount Davis, could still be a beneficial move for the Raiders. Eliminating around 11,000 seats and bringing the max seating down to 53,200 would help eliminate blackout games. The Raiders averaged a league worst attendance of 54,216, which is unimpressive at best with other teams boasting attendance numbers over 80,000 a game.

When games are not sold out 72 hours before kickoff, local televisions will blackout the game and show something else. This has been a problem that has frustrated Raiders fans for years now, and TV contracts can make a team big money. So by decreasing the amount of seats available, the team hopes to decrease the number of blackout games. One other thing working in the team’s favor is that in 2013 the NFL will allow teams to lift blackouts if they sell 85 percent of their tickets.

Hopefully, the tarps will help the Raiders sell out more games. The Mount Davis section was one of the reasons the team moved back to Oakland from Los Angeles in 1996, but they might want to think of re-locating once again. Unless the team does not mind the eyesore of the tarps, they should think about building a new, smaller stadium.


Many Haitians Still Living in Tents Almost 3 Years After Earthquake

Canopy Tents

Almost three years ago, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. Many Haitians were forced to live in tent camps because their homes were destroyed from the earthquake. Now many families were rendered homeless because of Hurricane Sandy.

Even though it has almost been three years since the earthquake that struck Haiti forced people into tent camps, over 370,000 people are still living in them. The communities made up of tarps are the only place they have to live. The tarps provide them with shelter and their own space, but after Hurricane Sandy, many people are left homeless once again.

The tarps had provided a way to protect the people from the outdoor elements, but were unable to withstand Hurricane Sandy. Many people’s tarps were ripped, destroyed, or blown away. The super storm flooded most of the living spaces and left many homeless Tarpsagain.

There is no drainage system in the camps, so the water sits stagnant
inside of everyone’s tents. Their beds, clothes, and belongings are all soaked. Many of the tarps are damaged and now they struggle to stay protected from the elements. It has been reported that 18,000 people are now homeless after Sandy came.

The conditions are horrible for those still living at the tent camps. It is hard for people to sleep because they do not have a dry place to rest. The ground is covered with more tarps to try and create dry places to walk. When they try to mop or sweep the water out, more water just pours in. With no real way to drain the water; it will cause the ground to be muddy and wet for a long time. Without help, the Haitian people will be living in a nightmare for some time. Wet and hungry, the people there are crying out for help.

The Portable Garage: A Jack of All Trades

Portable GaragePortable garages are a like a Jack of all trades. No matter what your storage needs are, there is a portable garage that you can use. Portable garages come in so many different styles and sizes to provide for a wide range of applications. There are portable garages that can store a car, truck, RV, equipment, animals, and much more.

There are portable garages that are designed specifically for storing cars and trucks. They come in many different sizes to fit anything from a Mini Cooper to an Escalade. You can also choose from rounded, barn, or house style portable garages. If you need to store more than one vehicle, you can get portable garages that are up to 30 feet wide. Whether you need daily storage for a vehicle you use every day or want to store all winter long, a portable garage is a great way to protect your vehicle from the outdoor elements.

If you have an RV, camper, or boat, a portable garage is a great place to store either when you are not using them. The sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays will damage and fade the paint on any of these investments. Portable Garage RVProtect them from the sun by parking them under a portable garage. In the winter, a portable garage is a great way to keep your RV, camper, or boat from being exposed to the elements.

If you own a farm or have a lot of equipment, you can store them daily inside a portable garage. Easily store and remove any of your equipment and protect them when you are not using them. Rain and snow can cause rust or mildew build up. Protect your investment by storing them inside a portable garage every day.

ATVs and dirt bikes can deteriorate over time if you do not upkeep them. Storing them outside can be detrimental to an all-terrain vehicle, dirt bike, or even motorcycle. Give them protection from the elements with special smaller portable garages that are designed to house such items.Animal Shelter Portable Garage

Do you have animals at your home or farm? Use a portable garage designed as an animal shelter to give your horse, livestock, or pets a place to be protected from the elements. The animal shelter portable garages will provide shade and a place to stay dry. Treat your animals right and have an animal shelter set up on your property.

As you can see, portable garages can prove beneficial in a number of applications. Feel assured that your investments are stored safely with a portable garage. Affordable, reliable, and multi-functional, a portable garage is a great addition to any property.

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