Consider Doing a Pre-Winter Check on Your Portable Garage

While it may not feel much like fall yet, wintry weather isn’t far off. If you use a portable garage for your vehicle, your motorcycle or simply household items, it’s a good time to check that the unit is in good condition so it continues to protect your valuable property through the winter months.

Portable garages are great solutions for storage needs. They’re quick and easy to put up, durable, affordable, and can be located nearly anywhere on your property you require storage. With proper care, they can last for many years. If you have one already, take a moment to examine its operating condition.

What to Look for In a Portable Garage Inspection

The first thing you want to look for is how well the cover is holding up and whether it’s properly fitted. It should be tight to reduce the risk of tears. The roof should be free of debris. During the fall and winter, ensure that you remove autumn leaves and snow from your portable garage. To avoid damaging it, be sure to use soft instruments such as a dull edged broom or mop, and avoid shovels, rakes or other implements that could accidentally puncture the cover.

Engage in a Little Gentle Elbow Grease

It’s worth taking a moment to clean your portable garage before bad weather begins. To do so, use mild soap and water, and avoid anything harsh (like bleach) or abrasive cleaners, which could damage cover. During the fall and winter, remove leaves and snow from the base of your portable garage to discourage a build-up of moisture that could lead to mold and mildew, or water leaking in and damaging the items you store there.

If your portable garage is in less-than-optimal condition, you can consider replacing the cover (rather than the whole set-up).

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Kick-off Picnic Season with a Portable Canopy

In just another week we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day 2019 and if your neighborhood is anything like thousands of others around the U.S., then perhaps it also means the start to another wonderful summer season. Picnics and cookouts as well as block parties, and time for the kids to get together and the parents to relax, all while enjoying the comfort of the outdoors.

But there’s one thing that can put a damper on any good cookout, and that’s rain! Most people would agree that standing out the in rain with a soggy hot dog bun and trying to hold a conversation with the neighbor isn’t exactly a good time.

This upcoming picnic season, don’t get caught in the rain or plan your picnics around the weather at all. Instead, get yourself a portable canopy! Then you’ll always have a shelter for people to convene under and never have to worry what the meteorologists are predicting on the morning broadcast.

Plus, your home will be the hotspot. Everyone will want to come gather where you are because there’s shelter and their drinking aren’t getting watered down by the rainfall.

As an added bonus, portable canopies can move with you when needed. Easy set-up and tear down and quality materials make choosing a canopy from Portable Garage Depot a no brainer. Simply roll up the tarps and transport as needed!

Our canopies are made to last and durable. They feature repellant polyester fabric and are also treated to resist UV rays as well as mildew.

Shop our selection of options and styles and pick one that will keep the party going at your house all night long.


Daylight Savings is Here! Time to Clean Up the Yard

March 10th is daylight savings. That means more time to spend outdoors. Longer daylight and, yes you guessed it, spring cleaning! While you’re enjoying the few more hours outdoors, pick up a rake, clean up the fallen debris from winter storms and create a plan for keeping your yard clean and neat this season.

If you love heading outside but can’t stand the sight of lawn equipment scattered about and the kid’s toys taking over what was once your oasis, then it’s time to think about investing in a portable shelter.

The spring season is a great time to set up a portable garage because the ground is starting to soften and there’s still time to tidy things up before the summer barbecues and outdoor relaxing happens.

Here are some tips for what you can store in the shelter and how.

Portable Shelter for Equipment

Pick a location in your yard that’s set back and utilize it to store lawn equipment and other clutter so it’s not out under the patio where you’re trying to relax. Not only will it be sheltered from the hard weather, but it will also be covered and less of an eyesore.

Covered Canopy for Patio Furniture and Parties

You can also utilize a covered canopy to host parties and keep guests comfortable without the sun beaming down on them or the possibility of rain throwing a wrench in your plans.

Seasonal Toy Coverage

If you have toys that you don’t use all year round – like ATVs or snowmobiles and need somewhere to store them, a portable garage is an economical and great way to shelter them from the elements and keep them safe when not in use.

Portable Garage Depot carries garage and carport products in a myriad of sizes from temporary or permanent all weather protection. Shop our inventory now!

Order a Boat Shelter in Time for the Spring Season

The winter months have covered much of the nation in cold blankets of snow. However, in less than 30 days, the first day of spring will be here and for many outdoor enthusiasts, it means getting the spring and summer toys ready to use.

For boat lovers, taking them out of storage, cleaning and prepping them for the first outing on the water is an important early step in the season. With just 4 short weeks until the season rolls around for many, now’s the time to order a portable shelter for your boat.

Easily set up the portable shelter in your yard and get to work. Protect your boat and get it in clean and working condition and keep it somewhere that you don’t have to worry about passing eyes, weather ruining the interiors and to keep you warm while you sneak outdoors to give it some updates even with the cold temps still hitting much of the nation.

Shelters of America offers portable boat shelters made of high-grade steel frames and covers that attach to the frame. The triple-layer polyethylene and rip-stop fabric have fade blockers and anti-fungal agents so your shelter always looks great while protecting your boat.

Keep it up for the season to place your boat when you return home after a day on the water and take it down when you no longer need it. That’s the beauty of portable shelters.

The shelters can also be used for other storage needs, a covered area to have a party and more – the uses are versatile and endless.

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6 Reasons to Get a Portable Garage

Portable garages have been around for a long time. They’re a great, cost sensible alternative to building a structure for storage purposes and they can be moved, taken down and rebuilt whenever and wherever needed.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a portable garage but don’t have any extra cars to store or thought they were just for lawn equipment, this list will give you some additional ideas that make getting a portable garage worth it.

Keep reading to learn why!

1. Store Your Lawn Clutter

There’s no homeowner or passerby who likes to look at a messy lawn. Backyards filled with equipment, kid’s toys and stacks of stuff aren’t typically easy on the eye. To avoid annoying neighbors and to keep your valuables out of the wrong person’s sight, use a portable garage. It doesn’t have to be too big and you can still fit your leaf blower, push mower and your kid’s bikes and sports equipment in there for safe keeping.

2. Economical

One of the greatest benefits of a portable garage is that is costs significantly less than having to build a brick and mortar structure on your property. While cheaper isn’t necessarily the best tactic when buying, investing the extra savings in a quality portable garage made of galvanized steel and polyethylene cover will give you the best bang for your buck.

3. Hobby / She-Shed

She Sheds is a trending topic these days. What was once a place for men to get away for some peace of mind, portable garages are now becoming crafting spaces and places, where even women can step away from the days, stresses to unwind.

portable garage

4. Extra Cars and Toys

If you’re someone who likes toys and owns your fair share of weekend cars, bikes and boats then you need somewhere safe to keep these in the off-season so they don’t endure the harsh outdoor elements and become damaged.


5. Greenhouse/Gardening

Depending on where you live, you can invest in a portable garage for extra protection of your flowers, plants, and trees. They work great as small greenhouse kits and can even have lighting added to them as a method to aid in their growth and care.

horses canopy

6. Livestock

In addition to better management of your “things” portable garages can even help you with livestock and animals. Keep your horses and other outdoor animals and their food safe from heavy wind, rain, snow, heat, and other potentially damaging elements.

Portable Garage Depot provides everything you need to protect your valuables. From custom garage and carport frames to covers in a variety of colors and surface anchors that accommodate all applications.

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Can You Take a Portable Shelter Camping?

Going camping is a favorite pastime for many. It’s also a great time to bond with family and friends or to just disconnect from technology and get back in touch with nature. Whatever the reason you like to go camping, it’s important to take the essentials along with you to make the trip an enjoyable one. Depending on where and how you like to camp that might include a sleeping bag, some basic food, and supplies – or even a tent.

You might be wondering if you can take a portable shelter camping too. The answer is. Yes!

Additional Cover

If you’re setting up a dedicated spot for your family to stay for a few days you might want to create a space where you can sit and eat meals. Quickly set-up a portable shelter like a canopy to cover the table and gathering area. This will offer shade during the day as well as protection from rain should inclement weather pop up while you’re camping.

While braving the wilderness is part of the experience, having somewhere to get some cover can be a great relief if rain, snow or high winds occur during your trip.

Portable, Easy Set-up

Portable shelters are also a great option to take with you while camping because they are easy to move. If you want to take it over to the river with you but bring it back for dinner, all you need is someone to give you a hand and remove the stakes and tie downs to then relocate it for your convenience throughout the camping adventure.

Shelters of America carries a large selection of canopies, shelters and portable garages and carports to meet varied needs. The instant storage buildings are durable and made of galvanized steel frames. Whether you’re looking to store farm equipment and livestock or somewhere to keep your RV when its offseason – there’s something for everyone!


Portable Shelters & Camping

The spring and summer months are the most common times of year to go camping. This fun activity offers a great opportunity to disconnect from our mobile devices and hectic lifestyle and reconnect with nature and family and friends. Whether you prefer to rough it out in the wilderness with bare necessities or park your RV at a more accommodating campground, there are ways having a portable shelter along for the ride (other than your tent) can be beneficial.

Here are some of the ways a portable shelter can make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Easy to Transport

“Pack lightly!”

That’s the advice you’ll typically get when you tell someone you’re going camping. After all, you’re there to enjoy nature and what it has to offer, not lug around half of your possessions. The great thing about portable shelters is that they are easy to transport. Depending on the type and size you can take them down and put them up without much effort and they can pack up nicely.  Carports and other smaller covered canopies are great for a covered picnic area and can remain pitched until your camping trip is over.

Protection from the Elements

Nothing’s worse than a day of fun outside spoiled by adverse weather conditions. Heavy rainfalls, beaming hot sun and windy conditions can all make being outside borderline unbearable. With a portable shelter, you’ll have adequate protection from the elements. Not only are they designed to retain heat if needed but with suitable ventilation standing under them makes sense when the weather isn’t cooperating. Give yourself a chance to dry off, eat with fewer flies around and get out of the harmful sun’s rays for a bit.

Shelters of America has everything you need to store and shelter your belongings. Our instant storage buildings are made with galvanized steel frames to ensure true All-Weather protection from sun, wind, rain, ice, and snow. Our inventory includes truck covers to instant shelters, boat covers, car garages, garage kits, portable shelters, portable garages, carports, car covers, portable buildings, motorcycle covers, metal carports and metal buildings.

Tips to Spruce Up Your Carport

Carports are a cost-effective way of adding additional storage space in your yard without the commitment or large price tag of a permanent structure. Most homeowners opt for a carport to store a boat or motorcycle over the winter months.

While the versatility of the dwellings certainly makes taking them down and putting them away in the summer possible, why get rid of something you can still get used out of? In a addition to protecting vehicles from snow and ice, they can protect from harmful UV rays and provide relaxing shade for outdoor events.

If you’re having a hard time thinking about your carport as anything but an extra storage shed, here are some tips on sprucing up your carport so it’s far from an eyesore and something you actually want to go sit under.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your carport clean should be a given. Even when storing your valuables, the only way to keep critters away is to keep the carport clean and clutter free. Make it a point to hose down the exterior and sweep and rake up loose debris and dirt on the inside to keep it looking neat. Carefully trim grass around the exterior if it’s overgrown.

Incorporate Landscaping

In addition to trimming grasses and raking, you can also add to the appeal of your carport by incorporating landscape design ideas to spruce it up. Add some mulch and flower beds around the perimeter to draw interest to the space and use inviting colors and layouts to draw visitors over.

Decorate It

Perhaps of the best reasons to get a carport is because it doubles as the perfect extra area for entertaining. And the best part, you don’t have to worry about the weather affecting plans. Host parties under the tent or have friends over for a drink. You can even add patio furniture and an outdoor rug or tables and chairs to get the most use out of your carport.

Looking to purchase a carport? We have a large selection of shapes and sizes to fit varied spaces and for usage that spans wood storage to a carport large enough to cover an RV. Our carports are durable and reliable. They’re constructed out of either galvanized or powder-coated heavy-duty structural steel and designed to handle long-term exposure to the elements.  SHOP NOW!



Portable Shelters and Summer Parties Go Hand-in-hand

For the last few blog posts we’ve been talking about the advantages of carports in the changing seasons and how to keep portable garages cool in the warmer months. In addition to storage uses, there are also reasons to invest in a portable shelter – especially if summer parties are a frequent occurrence at your house.

Here’s why.

Summer parties are a great way to gather a large crowd of friends and family or even have a corporate picnic. The weather is great, there are activities you can do and the headcounts don’t have to be as limited as indoor seating capacities.

Summer is a popular season for graduation parties, weddings, retirement parties and more. The challenge at all of these events is having cover. Food coverage from mosquitoes and flies and table coverage to shade and protect guests trying to enjoy the day.

One thing that can change the plans is an unexpected rain shower or other weather popping up during the event. Plus sometimes the summer sun can get really hot. Instead of worrying about whether or not your summer party will fail or if the sun is going to be unbearable, opt for a covered canopy and offer guests the comfort of shade as well as protection from the elements.

A portable canopy can also double as a place to store your vehicle or equipment in your yard at other times so it’s not going unused. There are also an array of sizes and options you can choose from to fit user specific needs.

Shelters of America offers temporary or permanent portable garage and carport building products. Our canopies and portable shelters are made from the highest quality galvanized steel frames and long lasting polyethylene covers so your investment will be protected for years. Shop today!

Get Your Portable Shelter Ready for Spring with these Tips

Warm crisp air, cool breezes, birds chirping and flowers growing. This paints the perfect picture of the spring season for many areas of the nation. If you’ve been waiting to break free from the cold and start enjoying the outdoors again where you live, perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting a portable shelter.

Portable garages and canopies are great for seasonal storage and for keeping valuables safe from adverse weather conditions. Or maybe you already have a portable shelter in your yard and will be pulling out the winter items you had stored for the season – like a boat, motorcycle, RV or even lawn equipment.

Before you do, here are some tips for getting your portable shelter ready for spring.

Clean Up

Before you can enjoy the outdoors or your portable garage for the season you need to do some spring cleaning. That means mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, branches and debris, cutting back trees and bushes.

Once you’ve cleaned your space you can select the right location for your portable garage based on what will be stored, any zoning laws in your area and the condition of the ground (think flat, level surface.)

Likewise, if you already have a shelter, you want to clean up the contents. Pull out the stored items. Clear clutter and contents that have accumulated and clean the interior by sweeping, mowing and blowing away debris to have a newly cleaned space you can use.


If you’re just putting up the portable garage for the first time, be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions for set-up, tie down and added stability. You need to inspect the dwelling when completed as well to ensure it’s been installed properly.

If you have a portable garage you’ve been using for years, it’s a good practice to examine it each season to look for any rips and tears in the cover or rust and other damages that can weaken the integrity of the structure. The great thing about portable garages too is that it’s easy and cost efficient to replace covers and other parts when needed.

Fill with Contents

Before you start filling the portable garage back up with the things you removed to clean the space, take a purpose filled and intentional approach to its use. Why did you get a portable shelter to begin with? Is it to keep your car safe from the elements? Then put only your car back in. Don’t store all those boxes of extra stuff you haven’t had use for years again. Did you need extra storage space and purchased a portable garage to fill it with contents? Then do so wisely. It’s pretty easy to quickly fill-up even your extra space. Spring is the perfect time to go through your clutter organize and toss what you don’t need.

Shelters of America carries a wide selection of portable garages, canopies and replacement parts to ensure your valuables always have the protection they need – year round. Shop today!