Creating Your Own Boat Shelter

Have a large boat that you don’t want to store on a dock during the colder part of the year? One option is to use a larger boat shelter. Shelters of America has several larger-sized boat shelters measuring 34 by 42 square feet. Another option is to build your own boat shelter. If you have the materials to make a frame and a canopy, creating your own shelter is a possibility, which can be seen in this YouTube video:

But, after watching the video, would this man-made shelter provide enough protection for the vehicle? Although the workers sent significant time putting it together – as well as making any drawn plans before the video was filmed – the wood frame and the smaller canopy don’t offer enough protection for the vehicle. The wood, in this instance, may start to rot and fall apart when kept outdoors for such an extended period of time, while the canopy, assuming it’s a tarp made from treated polyethylene, should at least cover the sides in a valance style to give the vehicle adequate coverage.

If you’re planning to build your own boat shelter instead of purchasing one, take a few cues from makers of such shelters, like Shelters of America and Portable Garage Depot. First, think of the materials that will be used for the frame. Although the design of the frame in the vehicle looks sturdy enough, having it made from galvanized steel would give even better protection. Also, anchor the frame properly. For a frame that large, the metal should be anchored into the ground with concrete. Additionally, once you add the canopy, make sure it fits over the entire frame, much like a rounded or square tube shelter.