3 Alternative Uses for Carports

Carports, the covered structures typically used to protect vehicles from the elements, are finding additional usage today beyond just storage for cars. When these shelters are portable, their convenience increases further since they can be moved around to needed locations while keeping costs low.

Today a carport can be used for equipment storage, hosting outdoor events and even offering livestock solace from the hot sun.

Here is a closer look at these alternative uses for carports.

Picnic Under a Carport

Nothing beats celebrations that happen outdoors on a nice day. Sometimes though, weather predictions can put a damper on plans. Or the beaming sun might even be too uncomfortable to sit in. This is when a carport is an excellent option for outdoor hosting. Set up your decorations and tables under the carport, add string lights, and empress your guests while keep them safe from the elements.

Added Storage Space

In addition to putting your car under the carport, you can store things like RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and more. Think outside of the box though. There are even more things you can store. Large lawn equipment, landscape materials, farm feed – the possibilities are really endless.

Livestock Solace

No one likes standing under the beaming heat of the summer sun. It can get really hot on extreme days. Your livestock shouldn’t have to suffer either. Provide them with shade during the day by using a carport to house them in the summer months. This is a much more affordable option to building another barn and better yet, you can move it to a different location when needed.

Carport Depot offers an array of options when it comes to storage that doesn’t need to be permanently placed in the ground. The carports are portable, dependable and affordable. Constructed of galvanized or powder coated heavy duty structural steel frames and with a polyethylene cover or metal cover, the right structure for your needs is only a click away. Shop now!

3 Tips to Easily Move Your Portable Garage

One of the reasons portable garages are best-sellers among homeowners is because they can easily move the shelter when it’s no longer needed. Also if the current area it’s placed at is needed for something else, the move is simple. That’s a great benefit over a permanent garage which must remain exactly where it’s built until a demolition is done.

While it isn’t as easy as just picking up the portable garage and moving it (it wouldn’t be very sturdy if it was that easy) it can be done quickly and easily with a little know-how.

Here are 3 tips to help your easily move your portable garage.

Pick the Optimal Weather

It’s pretty obvious that choosing to move your portable garage in the middle of torrential downpours is not ideal. But aside from extreme weather conditions, you should also think about the condition of the soil and the ground when deciding to move your portable garage. If the ground is frozen already, it will be hard to remove or even insert the posts into the ground. It’s best to handle this task before any harsh winter weather sets in. You may also choose to wait until warmer months roll around. With just the right temperatures and conditions, you’ll experience the least issues with moving your portable garage. That includes if you’re choosing to just slide it across the lawn to another location instead of taking it apart and re-assembling it.

Preparation is Key

As with anything, having a plan in place for moving your portable garage will ensure the task is done efficiently. If you require assistance schedule time for help in advance and be sure you have the necessary tools. If you are sliding the portable garage consider using skidders and a truck to pull it carefully to the new location. Another good tip is to bring a writing utensil and bags if you plan to disassemble it so you can clearly mark where everything goes when it’s time to build the portable garage again.

Location, Location

Just as it’s important for the temperature outside to be right, you should also consider the location of your portable garage. The optimal area will be flat land that is stable and somewhere you can secure the shelter. Some towns have zoning laws and other permits you’ll also need to be aware of so keep that in mind as you select a new location to move your portable garage to.

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Miss Gardening in the Winter? Buy a Portable Greenhouse

Winter is a magical time when glistening snow flurries and serene landscapes covered in white decorate many states. If you live in these areas and are a fan of the warm temperatures and sitting outside by the pool or enjoying your garden, then maybe this isn’t the most accurate description of the winter season. This season has been an extremely cold one and many states are now digging their way out of several inches of snow from a blizzard. If you’ve grown tired of seeing all of the snow cover and have been longing to get your hands dirty in some soil and back to gardening, there is a happy compromise to consider: Portable greenhouses.

What are Greenhouses?

There are a number of residential and commercial greenhouses available on the market today to fulfill varied agricultural needs. But if you don’t have the budget or the extra land that a farmer does, then a portable greenhouse kit for the home is a great alternative. Portable greenhouses come in many styles and sizes and they can be set-up with different design plans for to suit your green thumb.

Portability at its Finest

The great thing about portable greenhouses is that they are easy to build. If you purchase a greenhouse with ready to build design plans, you’ll have a kit with everything you need to get started on your planting – even if the weather outdoors isn’t cooperating.

More Gardening Options

Even though some plants cannot thrive in colder temps, there are plenty of options that you can still grow in a greenhouse during these months with some know-how including carrots, potatoes, squash and more. You can also use the greenhouse to get a head start on the outdoor season by planting flower and vegetables seeds and giving them time to germinate. Features such as air vents, translucent covers and high illumination make gardening a breeze.

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Are Portable Garages Good for Winter & Snow?

If you live in any of the states that experience winter weather and extreme snow and ice, you may be wondering if a portable garage is a good investment to make for winter storage. While these dwellings are not permanent, they do offer several benefits when it comes to storage. Choosing the correct portable garage will ensure your valuables are safe even when winter weather rolls in.  Here are some tips on portable garages for winter weather.

Be Vigilant About Clearing Snow

Just like you can’t let heavy snow sit atop your car or house for too long, you should remain vigilant about clearing heavy snow accumulations from your portable shelter. Alleviating the weight will keep it from eventually sagging or collapsing while your valuables are in it.

You can use a roof rake to easily pull away some of the snow and let it fall to the ground.

Consider an Enclosure Kit

There are options to add side panels and gable enclosures to portable garages that aren’t covered. This will keep the contents of your portable garage safe from damaging moisture or debris.

Choose a Portable Garage Designed for the Elements

There are portable garages made to handle strong winds and snow that you should keep in mind as you shop around for options. They include galvanized steel with a triple coating process so there is no metal left to rust from the elements. They also have a ratchet tight tension system and a commercial-grade cover to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

rv in snow

Even with the right materials, you should consider a round or barn-style portable garage since these shapes allow for the snow to roll off easily and have better roof support than other styles. Remember to also double check before a big storm to ensure that the legs are secured to the ground and that any further support from sandbags or cinder blocks are in place.

At Portable Garage Depot we offer instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits to protect your investments from the elements.

Easy, Affordable Classic Car Storage for Winter

For car lovers, owning a classic car is certainly a bucket list item. Nothing compares to being able to cruise around on a nice day in a car that turns heads while paying homage to some of the best automobiles ever built.

However, storing those cars in off-season is one of the things many may not think about. If you live in an area where there’s winter weather, you’ll want to consider storage options to protect your investment.

Not only is two-wheel drive a poor option in snowy weather, but there’s also the potential for rust to occur from the salt on the roadways which your classic car will be exposed to in the winter months. Storing it somewhere safe is the best option to allow you to enjoy your classic car again once the nice weather begins.

Here are some easy and affordable options for storing your classic car in the winter.

Carports for Classic Cars

Renting a storage unit is costly and if you don’t have a garage or room on your property to build a permanent dwelling, portable carports are a great alternative. Not only do they protect your car from the damage of  constant exposure to water and UV rays, but they also help keep the car free of mold and mildew when not in use.

Carports are typically made of galvanized or powder-coated, heavy-duty steel frames and polyethylene covers. This also protects what’s inside from damage caused by debris or other issues winter weather can bring.

Car Capsules

You could even opt to protect your vehicle indoors using a car capsule. These usually come in a 14 to 22 ft. length and are used to keep rust, dirt and dings away. If your classic car is truly one-of-a-kind then protecting is probably high on your priority list. The car capsule is made from 10 mil PVC material and is flame, mildew, and rot resistant. The base is made from 18oz. herculite, which won’t be damaged by oil, gas, or antifreeze, and is inflated using a 12-volt fan to create a protective barrier that’s so strong a hammer or similar object cannot deflate it.


car capsule

Since everyone’s storage needs can vary, Carport Depot offers a selection of shelter options to choose from. Shop our selection today.

How Take Down and Store Your Portable Garage in Off-season

One of the most amazing benefits of a portable garage is that you don’t have to keep it up if you’re not using it. As opposed to a permanent dwelling, this makes it possible to regain space for other needs or move the shelter to a new location if needed.

Portable Storage Options

Some people set up portable garages solely for the purpose of storing a car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle during the winter. If you don’t have a garage or there is no room for you to store these items in your current space, a portable garage is the perfect option to keep our valuables safe from the elements and so they’ll be ready to run again once the weather is better.

While there are things you can do with your portable garage when it’s not in use for its main purpose – like host outdoor events under a covered shelter and not worry over rain, or use it as a green house and storage for gardening equipment, some people would rather just reclaim their yards, and that’s fine too.

Taking Down a Portable Garage

Taking down a portable garage is as easy as putting it up. You simply just take it apart and rebuild it in a new location, or store all the necessary items together in one location for easy access when you’ll need it again.

Pulling out support posts, anchor systems, disassembling the frame, carefully rolling up covers for storage is all that’s needed.

Portable Garage Depot offers instant all weather portable garages and portable carport building kits. In addition to our portable garages we also carry a wide variety of affordable easy-up outdoor canopies and backyard party tents that can be used for backyard parties, picnics, barbecues, and flea market tents, and so much more.  Contact us for a custom quote or to learn more.

Permits, Codes & Things to Consider with Portable Shelters

If you’ve decided to opt for a portable shelter for extra storage on your property, congratulations on making the most affordable and flexible choice possible when it comes to adding storage space on your property.

While you won’t have to invest in heavy machinery to break the ground and build a permanent dwelling, you may still need to get in touch with local zoning authorities to be sure there aren’t any codes or permits required.

Size Matters

One thing that may affect whether or not you can have a portable garage or other shelter in your local area is the size. Since areas vary in their regulations it’s best to check with your local area for accurate sizes while deciding on which portable shelter you get. Once you know the size, you can start looking at other measurements like ordinances on how far you can place a portable shelter from a house, the roadway, or other property lines.

Permanent vs. Portable

Depending on who you talk to, the definitions of permanent and portable structures can be varied. While you’re probably not pouring cement to cast your portable dwelling into the ground, there may still be some who consider it a “permanent” type of dwelling on your property. Again, to get the most accurate building codes you should contact a local office for your specific needs. Typically, pop-up canopy style shelters are not considered permanent and a safe option if it will do for your project. Then you don’t have to worry about permits.

Getting a Permit for a Portable Shelter

If you’ll be purchasing a portable garage or shelter and know you’re local town requires a permit, getting one isn’t too difficult. You’ll only need to visit the local office along with the plans and measurements of the project and pay a fee for the permit.

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Create a Safe Place for Winter Horse Riding with a Portable Shelter

riding arena

If you’re lucky enough to have horses and keep them on your property, then you know how important it is to care for them and keep them safe – especially during inclement weather. Since different areas of the country experience varied seasons, there are some owners who might be considering options for housing during cold months.

Covered arenas are a great option over wood barns because they are affordable and come with the additional benefits of a portable shelter. This includes varied usage from hay storage to greenhouses and more.

Portable Shelter Construction

Typically these dwellings are constructed using galvanized or powder-coated steel for the frame and are then covered with a polyethylene cover to keep moisture and the elements out. There are many different shapes and size options, but choose one large enough, and you’ll also have room for an indoor riding for your horses too. This is vital to ensure they are getting enough exercise and removes the fear of bad weather conditions or icy and other dangerous ground conditions affecting horse trotting abilities.

petting horse

Indoor Riding Arenas

If you’re looking to step things up and host competitions, do some serious training for your horses, then the best option for an indoor riding arena would be a heavy duty truss arch building. These can withstand high winds, snow loads and can even have doors and ends added to completely enclose them.

At Carport Depot, choose from round and peak-style enclosed portable barns in various sizes to shelter any equipment, hay, crops, or animals when needed.

The equestrian arena from Carport Depot can be installed quickly and is offered in sizes up to seventy-two feet wide and thirty-two feet high.

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Stop Ruining Your Valuables, Get a Portable Garage

Keeping the items we enjoy in good condition is a pretty standard move. After all, what good is that boat you like to take out onto the water and show off on summer afternoons if it’s tattered looking or the interior mechanics aren’t working properly because it spent an entire winter bracing the elements and sitting in your backyard? Same goes for your car, motorcycle and other things that could potentially take a beating without some kind of protection from wind, snow, sun and other factors.

Portable garages take the financial burden off your shoulders by offering a safe and easy way to store things in your yard without having to call a contractor over or break ground and build a permanent structure.

Portable garages are also a great option if you’re looking for a dwelling that can serve multiple purposes like extra space for gardening in seasons when you’re not storing things, or a place to host an outdoor part. Alternatively, it can also can be taken down and tucked away when not in use and make the rest of your property available to you again for other uses.

Buying options or potable garages include full or partial coverage, vents and other choices, depending on what will be stored. Either way you’ll want to be sure the portable garage comes with a heavy duty steel frame and tear resistant polyethylene material for a cover. This will prolong the life and use of the dwelling for many seasons. Even if natural wear and tear happen over time, the covers can also easily be changed so you can continue to use the portable garage.

At Portable Garage Depot, you can find garage and carport products available in a myriad of sizes to accommodate anything that needs protection – temporary or permanent and products ship nationwide.

How to Get Rid of Yard Clutter: 3 Tips

For some homeowners, memories of their backyard as a prime space for entertaining guests and relaxing is just that – a distant memory.

There’s no use having an amazing backyard you cannot enjoy because it’s piled with stuff – some broken and some you may actually use – crowding the space. Getting rid of yard clutter is the best way to take back the enjoyment you once had with your yard.

Here are 3 tips to get rid of lawn clutter right now.

Big Clean Up

Rent a dumpster and go through what’s broken, what hasn’t been used in a long time and what you can toss, sell or donate. Once you’ve eliminated mess and unnecessary items, you’ll have space to start cleaning and seeing your grass again. Imagine that – a backyard that can actually be used for enjoyment. Maybe even a barbecue before the cold weather comes around.

Mow & Trim

backyard oasisOne of the reasons your yard might look messy is because you haven’t taken care of the grounds. If you don’t want to hire a professional to spruce up the space, roll up your sleeves and pick up leaves and sticks, clip the grass and cut back or remove any dead and overgrown plants and weeds. Consider a fresh coat of paint on fences that look tattered or power washing patio and furniture to give it new life.

Get a Portable Storage Shelter

Keeping your valuable items and extras in a safe place in your yard is the best way to stay neat and organized. The great thing about portable storage shelters is that you can pick the location, and it doesn’t have to stay there. If you need seasonal storage you can take it down at the end of the season, and if you want to change the usages from storing lawn equipment to a place to have an outdoor party, you can do that too with a portable shelter.

Shelters of America offers instant storage buildings with galvanized steel frames to ensure you get true all-weather protection from damage caused by sun, wind, rain, ice and snow. See a full list of our products.